What was I made for?

Why I Play(ed): Remembering WildStar’s sunset, five years later

Time shouldn't zip along as quickly as it often does, especially when it taps us on the shoulder to look back and see how...

Why I Play: Five years in, Fallout 76 has become expansive, flawed, and engrossing

War might never change, but Fallout 76? That sucker has changed a whole lot since its debut five years ago. For as long as I've...
I, too, enjoy my staff with no overt implications!

Albion Online looks back at an eventful 2022 before 2023 arrives

Ah, memories of 2022. Remember that time when Albion Online gave you a gigantic bunny mount if you put in the work required to...
It's a tiny little sprout thing. It might kill you.

Final Fantasy XI looks back at developing the story for its three nation-states at launch

It might be easy to forget with another Square-Enix MMORPG being everyone's focus in the storytelling department, but Final Fantasy XI has been doing the...

EverQuesting: A sweet sixteen EverQuest II anniversary retrospective

Happy birthday, sweet sixteen! If you think I've waited 16 years to be able to sing that to EverQuest II, well, you aren't wrong....
Alive again!

Blizzard celebrates 20 years of Diablo II

It brought us memes, it brought us Necromancers, it brought us farming for loot, and it theoretically brought us a showdown against evil creatures...

Sea of Thieves looks back at updates, events, and crossovers from this past March

If you haven't been following Sea of Thieves too closely this past month, then there's no need to worry; the folks at Rare Ltd....
All these PLAYERS wanting to DO STUFF!

Sea of Thieves on transitioning a live service, plus the Arena mode reveal

You know what's wild? When players buy an online game, they want stuff to do in that game. Not just one or two things...
There's some vintage updates here, you know.

Path of Exile’s team is back at work with the first Betrayal League patch of the year

It's good to know that the team behind Path of Exile took some time off for the holiday, since all outward indications are that this...
it just keep rolling

Path of Exile takes a trip down release memory lane

It's been a long path to where we are now for Path of Exile, and as the development team takes a holiday it seems...

WildStar pens a retrospective on the game in 2017 while looking ahead to 2018

How would you rate the year 2017 for WildStar? As far as director Chad Moore is concerned, it went pretty well as a whole....
Hey, it's okay.

The Daily Grind: What’s your earliest MMO memory?

As I've alluded in the past, my earliest MMO memory is about doing something that I would later learn was an enormous faux pas....
Up, up, up!

Path of Exile looks back on the four years since launch

The story of Path of Exile is a pretty good one. Four years on, the game has gone from being a rather unknown little...

Working As Intended: Why classic Guild Wars matters, 12 years in

The spring season always sees a deluge of MMORPG birthday celebrations: Lord of the Rings Online, City of Heroes, Allods Online, Free Realms last...
Still in the dark.

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward in review – side stories, part one

Here's a fun fact: I don't actually know how long this series of columns is going to be at this point. That shouldn't affect...

RuneScape airs ’15 Years of Adventure’ documentary

"This is the story of a world created in a kitchen. Of a community bonding as they kill chickens or fish for sharks. It's a...
This is fine.

Chronicles of Elyria clarifies server and domain selection process moving forward

The staff behind Chronicles of Elyria has been on a whirlwind tour of events, and you can read all about it in the most...
Homeward bound.

Working As Intended: Two decades of Elder Scrolls housing

Massively OP explores Elder Scrolls housing through the ages -- starting with Daggerfall, running through Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim, and ending with Elder Scrolls Online's Homestead patch, live today.
True strength is inside. But leveling should really help.

WoW Factor: 2016 in review for World of Warcraft

Talking about World of Warcraft in 2016 is really different because the game had two different years this year. And unfortunately for anyone trying...
It's a house, you see.

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s 2016 in review

If you care about awards - and let's be real, we all do, even if they don't inform our emotional states - you'll notice...