Skull go BLORF

The Daily Grind: What’s your least favorite content in an MMO that you still take part in?

I have a lifelong policy of not being spicy to people who are bad in World of Warcraft PvP because I can hardly blame...
Might as well jump.

Phantasy Star Online 2 provides closed beta players with rewards for participation

Technically speaking, Phantasy Star Online 2 is currently still in beta testing, but since it's an open beta test it's close enough to "launch"...
Look flashy.

RIFT solicits player feedback for a daily calendar reward revamp

Does the daily reward calendar in RIFT feel a bit outdated to you? Obvious date-related puns aside, the developers still on the team feel as...

SCUM celebrates a million sales with a golden gun

It turns out a lot of people are eager to play a survival game wherein the players are questionably moral going into the arena....
There's nothing about deriving joy from your waifu being gay.

Exploring the psychology behind losses, gains, and grouping results in video games

Getting five batches of 100 gold feels better than one batch of 500 gold, and being forced to spend three separate 100 gold fees...

Overwatch promises to reduce duplicate item rewards in lockboxes

Since the only real form of progress in Overwatch involves skins, there's nothing more frustrating than opening a few dozen lockboxes and seeing every...
Two times!

ArcheAge doubles up everything for Memorial Day

Everything is better doubled. Get a paycheck? It'd be even better if it were two paychecks. Got a car? You could have two cars....

EVE Evolved: Low-security space has lost its identity, but it can be fixed!

When I first discovered EVE Online back in 2004, it had been out in the wild for just under a year and was a much...
It's all fun and games until you have a hull breach.

Star Trek Online highlights the rewards for its upcoming War Games gameplay

The next major season patch for Star Trek Online introduces players to a major new system: War Games. The whole point is good-natured competition...

RIFT, Trove, and ArcheAge start accepting Razer zGold

There's a new way to pay in Trion Worlds' games, and that way is Razer zGold. Trion announced this week that all of its games,...
Contains some monsters.

Final Fantasy XI prepares for monthly content changes with its January version update

Earlier this week, we awarded Final Fantasy XI with a special achievement award for being the best game stuck in maintenance mode, because the...
I am so tired.

The Daily Grind: Should MMO mentors have special rewards?

No one respects the mentor tag in Final Fantasy XIV. It's applied via an automated process, and the idea is that you're supposed to...

EVE Evolved: What went wrong with the Shadow of the Serpent event?

Last week's EVE Online patch added the massive Shadow of the Serpent event, a game-wide storyline arc that pits players against the Serpentis and Angel...
Win more!

Paragon adds in new weekly objectives and daily victory chests

Do you like to win games? Of course you do. You probably like the fact that winning a match every day in Paragon rewards...
That looks pretty much like the existing world, really.

Dark Age of Camelot’s fourth installment of the Otherworlds Campaign is out now

Have you been walking through Dark Age of Camelot recently and found someone whose pants were suspended by means downright otherworldly? That person may...

Star Trek Online highlights summer events, addresses klesbiangate

Summer comes yet again, and while the distinction is kind of arbitrary in deep space, for those of us pretending to be in deep...