Star Trek Online highlights the rewards for its upcoming War Games gameplay

It's all fun and games until you have a hull breach.
The next major season patch for Star Trek Online introduces players to a major new system: War Games. The whole point is good-natured competition in PvP or competitive PvE:

“This new type of queue allows two five-person teams to battle head-to-head in competitive PvE scenarios. To keep players on an even playing field, a new Player Potential system has been introduced that will match players of similar skill in the same matches. The War Game system will also have a new reputation tied to it, including for the first time ever, class specific-ship and captain gear. Captains can mix and match new gear they earn from any class and also have the option to specialize. To support the new War Games system, a full rebalance pass has been made to ground and space combat to ensure that no matter what choice captains make when outfitting their skills or ship, it isn’t a wrong one.”

But what sort of rewards are available? Why, the ones the latest official post details, naturally. Expect a new space set, new ground sets, new consumables, and so forth. Each of the sets is also built to be desirable in competitive scenarious, as well; the ground set, for example, offers big bursts of temporary hit points when you take severe damage, allowing you to survive sudden ambushes more easily. Check out the full rundown of rewards if you think shooting at your friends’ ships sounds like fun and games.


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Richard de Leon III

Im not fond of having to either pvp or competitive pve to get this rep. I simply hate pvp and in the second case I’ll bet there will be people throwing blame around when they lose. Even if the player rating system ensures equal quality players, people are willing to throw blame around when things go south.


Hi, it’s called a Reputation not a faction.

Melissa McDonald

Just imagine if the crazy-vast array of ships in STO were sold in the same way Star Citizen’s are… ehehe