Guild Wars 2’s gliding patch is live alongside Lunar New Year festivities

Guild Wars 2's winter patch is now live, complete with the promised gliding in vanilla Tyria and the start of the Lunar New Year...

Guild Wars 2 teases world-vs.-world tweaks

ArenaNet offered Guild Wars 2 world-vs.-world fans an early Christmas present this evening in the form of a sneak-peek at a set of changes...

Guild Wars 2 hints at WvW overhaul as WvW dev departs studio

A big revamp of Guild Wars 2's world vs. world mode is in the works according to a Reddit post by Lead Developer Colin...

Guild Wars 2 talks post-Heart of Thorns PvP

ArenaNet published a couple of Guild Wars 2 dev blogs today, both of which focused on the fantasy title's PvP. The first piece talks...

Guild Wars 2 kicks off Guild Week tomorrow

Guild Wars 2 has plenty in store for player organizations when Heart of Thorns launches later next month, and because of that, ArenaNet is...

Guild Wars 2 overhauls WvW guild objective system

Guilds will have a lot more to do in world vs. world encounters when Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns launches next month. ArenaNet...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Trinity dependence in Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns

I don't know about you lot, but I really enjoy ArenaNet's Points of Interest livestream that airs on its official Twitch channel. It contains a massive...

Get a bird’s eye view of Guild Wars 2’s new WvW map

As testing proceeds for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, PvP players will undoubtedly be interested in getting some time in with the brand-new...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Guild Wars 2 guild hall and prepurchase pricing impressions

When Heart of Thorns was announced back in January, the Guild Wars 2 community exploded with buzz as guild halls were mentioned as a main...

Guild Wars 2 denies expansion date rumors, addresses ‘peaceful’ WvW bug

Don't believe everything you read from online retailers. This is the lesson that we must learn again as a supposed summer release date for...

Guild Wars 2’s new desert WvW map revealed

If you weren't in London for EGX Rezzed and don't usually devote your Saturdays to watching livestreams, you missed the reveal of Guild Wars...

Guild Wars 2 teases upcoming WvW borderlands map

Congratulations to European Guild Wars 2 PvP team Orange Logo, who polished off ArenaNet's ESL World Tournament at this year's PAX East last night by upsetting...