Guild Wars 2 denies expansion date rumors, addresses ‘peaceful’ WvW bug


Don’t believe everything you read from online retailers. This is the lesson that we must learn again as a supposed summer release date for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns was denied by ArenaNet. “Retailers have been setting placeholder release dates for years,” the team posted to Twitter, retweeting its statement from 2012: “As always, we have not announced a launch date to any retailers, so they use their own placeholder dates.”

In other Guild Wars 2 news, a patch bug in the game’s World vs. World conflict actually stripped away the conflict entirely, turning all players friendly to each other. “We’re currently investigating a problem with world peace in WvW,” ArenaNet admitted. “Yes, you read that right — players on competing worlds are friendly to one another. The team working on the problem has been calling it W<3W while they work to sort out the problem.”

Meanwhile, ArenaNet has just released a new dev blog discussing the WvW upgrading changes coming in Heart of Thorns.

You can see what world peace in WvW looked like (after the patch — it was fixed yesterday!) as well as a tour of the Lion’s Arch reconstruction in videos after the jump!

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