The Daily Grind: Does World of Warcraft need another new class?

During this week’s podcast, Justin expressed some frustration over his efforts to enjoy an alt in World of Warcraft. All of his characters, he said, just didn’t feel the same, and he wasn’t loving them. In the end, he rekindled his love for all things demonic with his Warlock, but what went through my mind — prompted by other topics on our agenda that day, like Black Desert’s Dark Knight — is this: Isn’t it time for a new WoW class altogether?

I ask this because I’ve shared Justin’s annoyance over losing my own emotional attachment to my WoW characters as they’ve taken so many twists and turns in what they can functionally do over the years. I really liked the Monk class because it didn’t have that baggage. (Demon Hunters, not so much, not really my thing — I thought they were a bit redundant in theme.)

A true bard class, however, would basically get my instant preorder, and this from a girl who hasn’t had an urge to play in a long time. And I’m not crazy: Go forth and google “WoW bard” and take a look at all the people anxious to see it happen post-Legion — and not just in April Fool’s Day fun.

Also, bards are the best class, period.

Do you think WoW needs a new class in the next expansion? Do you think it’s ever going to happen?

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54 Comments on "The Daily Grind: Does World of Warcraft need another new class?"

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They don’t need new classes. What they need is to add more specs into the game that act as different classes. They can literally just re-add the old survival spec to Hunter and call it a new class and everyone who miss playing that would be happy again. Or even better, give Hunter a bard spec where the buffing and healing would come from something that’s inspired by the old Totem Twisting people did with Shaman back in the day.

Death Knights already have Clawing Shadow, just give me a caster DK already. Let warriors fucking scream at players to heal them and hit things with banners. Or a Mage go full Arcane Warrior and tank.

Like come on, this would be heckin cool.


Wow doesn’t need more classes, they need to fix some of the ones they have, add specs or move them around and really try to make the general gameplay more modern.

I’m not saying they couldn’t come up with a new class, although they clearly struggled with the demon hunter specs. I’m just saying that there are abilities that belong to other classes and it seems that aesthetics are getting spread thin.

Why is typhoon a druid spell and not a shaman one?
Why can’t windwalkers double jump, slow fall or do anything remotely close to wind walking?
Demo, fire and ele need to be reworked do they aren’t all mostly fire specs.
Survival hunter should’ve been combat and outlaw should’ve been survival. All they had to do was change the names and graphics of abilities.

Oleg Chebeneev

>although they clearly struggled with the demon hunter specs.

And why is that? People love demon hunter

>Why is typhoon a druid spell and not a shaman one?

Cuz shamans control elements, and druids are about nature. And typhoon is nature thing. There is huge typhoon in Darkshore that is controlled by archdruid.

>Why can’t windwalkers double jump, slow fall or do anything remotely close to wind walking?

Because its just a name for fighting style. They arent mages to fly around.

>Demo, fire and ele need to be reworked do they aren’t all mostly fire specs.

Demo and ele are not fire specs (and never were. warlocks fire spec is called destruction). And fire spec of mages is specifically design for pyro playstyle. Nothing wrong with it.

>Survival hunter should’ve been combat and outlaw should’ve been survival. All they had to do was change the names and graphics of abilities.

Do you even think before making suggestions? Outlaw spec based on combat points/finishers same as other rogue specs. How the heck it would fit the hunter? Both specs belong where they are.


Typhoon should be an elemental spell, do you know what a typhoon is? The typhoon in darkshore should be maintained by shaman.

Sorry about demo I meant destro, easy on the nerd rage.

Demon hunters only have 2 specs, obviously they struggled on making a third.

Monks could double jump before mop was launched.

Obviously the combo point thing would have to change, previously survival hunters were more about quick instacast damage with no windup. I think survival hunters feel weird as a hunter class and maybe outlaw doesn’t fit but don’t be an asshole if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Malcolm Swoboda

A Heroic class that looks more damn heroic. And maybe a ‘normal’ class. So like, 2-3 more at the very maximum, and no rush.

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Ryan Allgood

Actually, I’d prefer to see more specs added to the existing classes.

Unfortunately, this will never happen because people would explode if they didn’t add a spec to every class at the same time, and adding 12 specs to the game would be an extremely daunting task.

However, if they *did* do this, I’d love to see them use it to expand role options to classes. Add a tanking spec to Hunter, a healing spec to Rogue (Bard!), etc.

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Little Bugbear

Bard or maybe a Lore Walker class could definitely fit. We could also get a class that has more to do with the Old Gods (Even though Priest already has a lot of Old God influence). I feel like the next expansion might be like Rise of the Old Gods or something like that. So a new class that ties into the Old God might also be a possibility.

Iain B

Uhh, they just added the Demon Hunter with Legion…

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I doubt we will get a new class in the expansion after Legion. If we get anything along those lines, it most likely will be adding more races and possibly a third spec to Demon Hunter. They might try yet again to rework some existing specs to change their play style or jazz up the ones that have suffered most in Legion. But with twelve classes already there is not a whole lot of room for maneuvering without stepping on the toes of some existing spec.

More likely the next expansion will involve some sort of variation and iteration on the deeper concepts of Legion, like the artifact system and its basic premise of “infinite” progression. That hasn’t gone over super well with everyone, but it is central to Blizzard’s strategy of making progression a smoother, more continuous, and, more importantly, never ending incentive for players to stay in the game all the time, over the long haul.

My wild ass guess is that artifact weapons will, as they have hinted, become obsolete when Legion ends, but they will be replaced with the next iteration of the same basic idea, which will be Blizzard’s first crack at an account-wide system of continuous progression, similar in concept to ESO’s champion points.

I would expect it to have the same “infinite” levels that unlock in blocks regularly over time, and sharing of progressive power gains by all character on an account, with knobs you can use to tune the specific benefits of that power for each character or spec. And because they’re Blizzard it will be an interesting, but probably unsurprising iteration on how other games have done the same sort of feature, with a bit of new polish all their own.

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Schlag Sweetleaf


/Feature please! <3

Sally Bowls

New classes are an ongoing expense; every single patch and expansion, you need to do the creation and balancing. So, if in doubt, best not to. OTOH, new classes get people excited.

My complete guess is new race in 8.0 and class in 9.0; but a new class in 8.0 or no new class ever would not be a big surprise.

And it probably should be a mail-wearing, Hero class who has a ranged DPS role. Just like IRL, I would rather minions do the work, so turrets or pets please: tinker/engineer or necromancer?

Dread Quixadhal

What WoW needs, is a clear path forward. Legion did some things right, but really dropped the ball in many areas. The core of the problem is trying to make a one-size-fits-all game. There are casual players and “hardcore” players. There are PvE people and PvP people. Nothing you do is going to make them all happy unless you isolate those groups from each other and put them on their own servers.

Casuals HATE being forced to do anything outside of what they feel like doing. Forcing them into mythic dungeons for artifact or crafting quests is stupid. It won’t make them like it, they’ll just play up to that point and walk away until the next expansion… or until they get hooked by another game.

Hardcore players HATE being forced to do thousands of “fetch me a spoon” quests. They generally want to rip through the storylines and get to what they consider to be the meat of the game, raiding.

PvE and PvP players generally dislike being forced into each others camps. EVERYONE despises the constant rebalancing that screws over half the players every time they feel like tweaking something, because they refuse to separate PvE and PvP gear and abilities.

WoW started out in the Everquest model (and text MUD’s before that), where the “endgame” content would only be playable by people who were willing to work together to defeat it. They abandoned that concept in Wrath and started trying to appeal to casuals, letting people solo everything up to the level cap, and making dungeons quick and easy. Keeping some raid tiers as “hardcore” did a reasonable job of keeping their older players while still attracting new ones.

Blizzard needs to decide on a path and stick to it, or they need to split servers up into groups that have different requirements. I don’t like being forced to do mythic dungeons to continue my basic storyline (artifact). I don’t care how easy or hard it is, but I’d prefer to be able to use the raid finder so if the hour or two I have ends up being while my guildmates are asleep or busy doing their usual raids, I can still do it and continue progression.