Video: Everything you need to know about Star Wars: The Old Republic’s 5.2 War for Iokath, live today

After a week-long delay, Star Wars: The Old Republic launches its first major patch to the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion as Update 5.2: The War For Iokath today. The update continues your story directly where Eternal Throne left off and reintroduces classic companions Malavai Quinn and Elara Dorne.

Creative Director Charles Boyd spoke at length and answered a few of our most pressing questions about the update — everything from Quinn and Galactic Command ranks to raiding dynamics and win trading. Boyd doesn’t shy away from addressing any of them. Watch our interview with him in the video below to get caught up on everything coming in the update — plus check out the update’s official trailer!

And here comes the War for Iokath trailer:

Content for Update 5.2 is available to all players at level 70 regardless of current subscription status, except for the new operation boss (which has always required a monthly subscription). Let us know your thoughts on the update and this format in the comments below!

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12 Comments on "Video: Everything you need to know about Star Wars: The Old Republic’s 5.2 War for Iokath, live today"

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Well I hope with the new producer they achieve two things, start taking steps to clean up the toxic forums and fleet chat and get a hold of the technical issues plaguing the game.

My friends who attended the Cantina event in Orlando told me they were assured both of those things were at the top of almost everyone’s list….but I have heard that before from Bioware.

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SO not impressed by the War on Iokath thus far im sorry to say :( It feels very much like filler content and is definitely not on par with Shadow of Revan or the two eternal empire expansions.

Also not liking the whole faction war vamp up again.. its hardly very poorly. Both empire and republic on Iokath after a super weapon..despite the fact the world belongs to the Eternal Alliance and sudddenly its pick a side which one you want to help get the weapon…UM hang on, MY WORLD.. how about the third option of get the fu** off my planet both of you OR ELSE the Eternal fleet is going to come rofl stomp your sorry behinds.

Also ZERO explanation as to how they or YOU for that matter know about this super weapon or where the radiation went that was preventing anyone from going to the planet, or how the republic and empire both managed to ignore your picketing fleet around the planet to land on it and explore without notice or incident.. it all just screams “BECAUSE OKAY DAMMIT”.. and is lame.

The content itself is pretty much a Huge map with lots of trash mobs between you and the mission locales.. wait you say but thats normal mmo content right? um nope..this has nothing to see and do inbetween and on top of that the trash mobs are now so potent your level 70 is effectively at risk from trash mobs again.. so gone is your hard work and heroic feel irrespective of gear and back to being at risk from lowly trash mobs. Sigh..

Thus far it is seeming to be a defninite step backwards.


Can we buy Boyd a better headset/phone?

Trippin Ninja

Nice video Larry! Not sure this patch will be enough to pull me back to the game. But my sub is still active so I’m sure I’ll pop in and check out the new stuff at some point.

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I just went back to SWToR, free-to-play, because I refuse to pay any more for what the game has become (I have omitted a rant here to save your time; assume that I have my reasons). Years ago, I had purchased enough account-wide unlocks that the normally crippling effects of not subscribing are largely eliminated. I found that I had Chapter XI waiting for me, which I was not expecting. I don’t know if my previous subscription had lasted long enough to earn this, or if it was some kind of inducement to start playing again. (Not a very good one, as I was unaware of it until I signed in.)


I feel you, I wait till there’s like 6-8 chapters built up, then I sub for a month and check them out. Then i go back to eso.

Dug From The Earth

I hated the trooper story, and Jorgan.


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except for the new operation boss (which has always required a monthly subscription)

Well…since they removed the weekly OP’s passes, it has : /

Jeremy Barnes

“SWTOR Developers continue to push bad ideas despite them being loathed by the playerbase.”

Now you know everything you need to know.

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Schlag Sweetleaf

Awesome video Larry! ;) Did you do the Mo animation in the beginning?