Elite: Dangerous has passed 2.75 million sales

Good news for the Elite: Dangerous crew; according to the Frontier Developments Twitter account, Elite: Dangerous and the Horizons expansion have passed a grand total of 2.75 million sales. The phrasing is slightly ambiguous, as it could mean the combined total of each one’s individual sales is 2.75 million or that the game has sold 2.75 million copies altogether. Both are impressive, certainly, especially as the last sales data we had was from January 2016 when the base game had sold 1.4 million copies.

If you’re part of the crowd and plan to be out for PAX West in the near future, you can take part in the studio’s planned Frontier meet-up for fans and community on August 31st, 2017. The event is first-come-first-served and does have limited capacity, so you should make your plans soon, but it’s there if you want to go. The rest of us can sit back and relish the days when 825,000 sales was a major milestone.

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DoopyDerp, plus that 150+ Million $ of sales is about twice the entire company’s income shown in their public financials.

I think we can see what’s happening from the version of this news sent to shareholders. It is missing that important little word “sales”. https://www.investegate.co.uk/News/frontier-s-planet-coaster-passes-1-million-units/752283/ . How many thousands did they give away free on Steam???

Someone is telling porky pies.

Major Glitch

I’m proud to say I’m one of that 2.75 million. While Elite isn’t my primary mmo, I make sure to log in and explore the galaxy every week. It’s a solid game, and deserves all the sales it gets.

Melissa McDonald

Elite has done nothing but improve their product steadily since release. I don’t play it but I keep an eye on it, my perception is that they are doing things the right way. I know that the game doesn’t have “everything for everyone”, but for those who enjoy exploration it’s hard to beat. And I of course applaud their prescience in supporting the Oculus Rift…


lol!!!!Made my day. So they are raking in cash and the game is still the same empty shell it was years ago.
Looks like someone’s got an enormous electric bill to pay because this game sure as hell doesn’t look like the 150+ Million $ they must have cashed in. What a joke.

Loyal Patron

How is the phrase “grand total” ambiguous in any way? rhetorical – it isn’t.


That’s a pretty healthy number of sales. Nicely done, FDEV.


Yeah, it definitely reads like a combined total.

Raimo Kangasniemi

I don’t see it as ambiguous, it’s the combined total.