Dauntless holds AMA covering free-to-play, Steam, wipes, and Monster Hunter Online

Yesterday afternoon, the 40-odd-member Phoenix Labs team held a Reddit AMA on Dauntless. Let’s run down the highlights!

  • There are no hard dates attached to the different phases of beta and no details on wipes are available yet. The devs aren’t saying whether test progress will transfer to launch.
  • Zero plans to come to Steam.
  • Ranged weapons “and something else” are under construction. Phoenix wouldn’t talk about more except to say hammers are “getting love.”
  • Damage and efficacy display, especially for combos, is something the devs are considering and seeking feedback on. Ditto hunting/gathering balance, flares, consumables, and weapon appearance evolution.
  • A question about hardmode was met with a vague response.
  • Housing and a replay feature are “possible in the future,” but the devs made no promises.
  • “We are definitely looking froward to supporting guilds and know they will be an integral part of the community. More details at a later date.”

  • Drop debugging, parties, UI improvements, and party matchmaking are all happening.
  • The lack of minimap is intentional for atmospheric purposes. Don’t expect one.

On the topic of rivalry with Monster Hunter Online:

“It’s no secret that we’re big Monster Hunter fans ourselves so it’s great to see a new game coming. We’re seeing a huge number of players from other genres and games crossing over — just goes to show: There’s always room for good games!”

Finally, regarding the business model,

“We want to bring Dauntless to as many people as we can and to hold ourselves to a high standard for keeping the game vital and operational for years to come. And F2P is the best way to do that! […] We are firmly against pay to win and are not planning to allow the purchasing of materials. We are currently mainly focused on cosmetics.”

Source: Reddit
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It’s good they go for F2P right at the start. Best way for this game to draw a crowd. Better than embarrassing themselves later by being forced to go F2P.

Paarthurnax Dragonhearth

Ughhh …. Boss fighting simulator … don’t get me wrong… it may be fun for like 1 -2 days … but it gets old …. Fight Boss – Loot – Craft – Repeat ! Also pay us $ now … progress like a mf – End of Beta Wipe – Yay -_-

Grave Knight

Only problem with it not being on steam is that it’s more convenient to get a steam wallet card and buy stuff with that.

Jeff Lewis

I haven’t really understood the appeal of a Monster Hunter type of game if it’s not an open world but when I saw Dauntless I thought the look was appealing so applied to alpha. Really wanted to check it out but never could get the thing to patch.


“Zero plans to come to Steam.” till the struggle starts.

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I have watched a few streams of this and don’t really get the appeal of it. To me it is essentially seems to be a boss fight simulator and doesn’t seem to be a fun one at that.

I am sure it will find its fans and I will try to remain open minded as I intend to give it a chance once it hits f2p. However, at first glance it just isn’t hitting any of my fun triggers at the moment.


Same opinion here.

It seemed interesting at first. I was intrigued by the art style and will always give some time to co-op PVE games. I watched several streams on Twitch and they all basically devolved into 4 guys beating up on an owl bear thing for half an hour. They got their loot and then went to craft some armor but needed more pieces. When one of the streamers said “Okay, now we need to do that fight 2 more times so I can get this armor” is when I checked out. I wasn’t interested anymore.

That said, I’ll give it a shot since it’s F2P. I might have more fun playing it than watching it. I don’t think so but eh, it’s free so why not.


Yeah I watched Admiral Bahroo play it and it looked like Monster Hunter but stripped down to basic elements. The bosses fought didn’t really look that engaging and more like you were just swinging away at a giant damage sponge.

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Rees Racer

I watched a bit on Twitch yesterday, and I’m in complete agreement with you. I understand there is still a great deal of work to be done, but I have a hard time believing this game will in any way be more engaging than Monster Hunter World looks to be next year.

Dug From The Earth

Monster Hunter World already looks to be 15x the game Dauntless is.

Tons more boss monsters to fight
All kinds of other non-boss monsters to fight
Bigger zones
A LOT more actual “hunting” mechanics involved. (its not just “find the big empty field, and there is the boss!”)
A much bigger assortment of weapon types and armors.
A much more diverse combat experience, not just a “Stand there and spam your attack key”. MHW lets you climb on the monsters back, grapple hook it and swing around while shooting it, and all other sorts of crazy things.

I seriously cant believe how bare bones Dauntless is. I know its alpha, but they really dont have it in their design plans to expand it much more than what we are seeing now. At best, the 4 bosses will be 8 bosses at release. And thats being overly generous. 8 is still super limiting, considering the entire game is “Go kill boss, come back to town, then go kill another boss”

Danny Smith

The hunting genre came about when Sony ordered 4 multiplayer online games using the PS2’s modem from Capcom. Two died before release, Resident Evil Outbreak was okay but Monster Hunter sold people. Still it wasn’t a huge hit.

But then we got the PSP games and all of a sudden the handheld crazy native market unintentionally started a new subculture. The “Want to meet up on our breaks at work for a 15 minute Rathalos hunt?” and it went on to become a cultural phenomenon.

In the west most monhun players are groomed by mmos to be more the “play online, hunt 5-10 hunts in a row” deal but the allure is teamwork, having a kit of items to use rather than spells, a time limit and an increasingly violent, unusual and varied series of large dinosaur/bird/dragon monsters to track and hunt to break parts to use to make better or elemental weapons to have a better kit to be a better team player later.

Its basically a combination of mmo raid bosses on a smaller scale with a bit of Dark Souls and Zelda bosses thrown in. Its not for the mainstream consumer. Too much repetition and need for the player to get better over having levels boost your ability to fight but for the people who love its a big deal but never expected to be for everyone.

Danny Smith

“There’s always room for good games!” yeah who else said that? Randy Pitchford about Battleborn, Cliffy B. about Lawbreakers, the Wildstar team ect. There is a reason Monster Hunter stuck around but there has yet to be a single monhun clone -and i play and enjoy a LOT of them. God Eater is equally as enjoyable to me as monhun- get more than one sequel, NONE of them have come close to the 26+ game series that is Monster Hunter. There are rumours of a 3rd god eater and that even possibly happening is a huge deal.

So you have Monster Hunter. Something that in asia is bigger than WoW or Call of duty ever managed to be in the west which has been a Bloodborne tier source of sour grapes from the PC audience that really want it who are finally getting it at the same time as this and “There’s always room for good games!” is their response to it? to go up against the release of the unquestioned and totally uncontested king of the genre?

Remember just the other month when Cliffy B said “a genre gets the one king game and one or two follow ups and we want to be 2 or 3” and everyone pointed out how many hero shooters existed already? Well dauntless is following up:
-Monster Hunter, 26+ games
-God Eater, 2 with maybe a third on the way and on pc
-Toukiden, 2 with the second having a f2p version
-Freedom Wars
-Soul Sacrifice
-Ragnarok Odyssey
and thats just the ones i’ve played recently i can name off the top of my head. There have been companies trying to be the monhun killer on pc and they all came second to 15+ years refinement and iteration -legalities aside people have been playing monhun via PPSSPP on pc for years now- They aren’t just competing with monster hunter but with the smaller but diehard fans of God Eater or Toukiden as well.

“There’s always room for good games!”?

Okay. We’ve been down this road before, there ain’t much to be learned. Good luck to them but they got screwed on this one. They can try and paint a pretty picture but i have no doubt when they heard about MHW they are went “oh shit” collectively.


There aren’t that many Hunter style IPs. You already named most of them. 6

Danny Smith

And there were less when Battleborn claimed “There’s always room for good games!” when its turn came around. The pc audience has overwhelming choice that overwhelmingly sticks to the biggest brand name to come first and leaves libraries of competitors forgotten. Shit sucks but its how the industry rolls.


It kind of depends on your release date. If you let the big boy release and wait 6 months to a year you’ll have room. If you release on top of the huge IP – you are done.

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Alex Js.

“There’s always room for good games!” – sure, but yours is not one of them ;-)

Dug From The Earth

Oh darn, I missed the “How to kill your game before it even releases” conference.