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Want to win at Crowfall? Become a mind-reader.

Hey, you know what would make you an incredible MMO PvP gamer? If you would just start reading the mind of your opponent already!

This is, incredibly enough, the subject of today’s befuddling Crowfall developer diary. In it, the team discusses the Japanese concept of “yomi,” which is knowing your opponent’s mind. “All the complicated decisions in game theory go away if you know exactly what the opponent will do next,” the diary pontificates.

What the diary does not state, however, is how one is supposed to go about developing yomi or exactly how Crowfall’s combat will be designed with yomi in mind other than a vague reference to counter-moves between power trees. But when you do figure out how to become a master of yomi, would you let us know?

Source: Crowfall


War Thunder offers 11-part video tutorial series

War Thunder’s combined arms approach to virtual warfare may be a little overwhelming for new players. But fortunately there’s an 11-part video boot camp of sorts to help good little soldiers earn their stripes.

The video tutorials on the War Thunder website cover topics ranging from starting out to air maneuvers to tank tactics. The latest video is an intriguing look at the intricacies of tank battles, including how tanks can be killed with one shot (hint: aim for the ammo rack), be disabled, and even have their crews incapacitated.

Check out the tank video after the jump and bookmark the video tutorial page if you’re looking to get into War Thunder or expand your knowledge!

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Skyforge soft launches after technical issues

Skyforge is making the jump to a non-wipable open beta today (aka a soft launch), although the team dealt with a server issue earlier that caused a delay. Fortunately, it looks as though everything’s been handled on the NA side, although the EU server is still down at the time of this writing. “The Skyforge open beta is officially underway. Download the game and begin forging your path as an immortal!” the official Twitter account said.

Founders have already been in the game for a week now, and Skyforge is offering a free mechanic costume to anyone who logs in by July 23rd as incentive to try it out.

Skyforge also announced that it is now selling a collector’s edition and a starter edition to replace the now-expired sale of founder’s packs. The $60 Wardens of the Wasteland edition comes bundled with the Knight and Alchemist classes.

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Playable Togrutas confirmed for SWTOR Update 3.3

Togrutas, the colorful Star Wars race that boasts both head tails and hollow horns, will become available to play when Star Wars: The Old Republic opens the doors to Update 3.3 next week.

BioWare confirmed the species’ addition to the playable roster on the official forums: “Togruta will be in Game Update 3.3 on Tuesday! We are pretty excited for all of you to get your hands on the new playable species. One thing that sets Togruta apart from other species is that, due to their montrals, any item worn in your head slot will be automatically hidden. By introducing a new playable species which hides its head slot, this gives us the potential to introduce other species down the line who have ‘head things going on.'”

While the studio wasn’t making it a secret that Togrutas were next for a player race, it was previously uncertain whether or not the creatures would be done in time for the July update.

Source: SWTOR forums
Update 07/16/2015 11:31 AM EDT: BioWare has confirmed that “Togruta will cost exactly the same as Cathar, 600 Cartel Coins.” Thanks, winterskorn!


RIFT patch 3.3 is live with extra nightmares

You don’t have to wait until Halloween for RIFT to break out the heebie-jeebies, as its Waking Nightmares update went live yesterday, though it was not without its problems. A number of issues caused multiple outages yesterday, including a guild bug and unrelated exploits that caused Trion to keep the servers down most of the afternoon and evening.

Community Manager Ocho promised players compensation for the downtime: “As a thank you, from the time RIFT is again available we’ll turn on 50% Bonus Experience (including PA Experience), Favor, and Prestige through Sunday July 19 at 11:59 PM Pacific.”

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RuneFest tickets now on sale for real money or in-game bonds

RuneScape’s annual convention, RuneFest, is coming this fall to London. And while October 3rd is a ways away, you can purchase a ticket to the all-day event right now.

Jagex announced today that tickets for the convention are now on sale for either £99 (just under $155 US) or 35 in-game bonds (bonds are tradable RuneScape items that have real money value attached). To attend the con, you’ll need to be either older than 15 or accompanied by an adult.

The ticket covers the full cost of admission, an “exclusive” goodie bag, and access to the after-party. The devs say that the convention will boast both steampunk and vampire themes and host panels, awards, and game reveals. You may want to peruse the FAQ for more information about the event.


Raph Koster: Crowfall ‘can feel more like a living world’

ArtCraft’s Raph Koster is the star witness of an in-depth interview in which he discusses the development of Crowfall using the perspective of his decades-long career in the industry. He said that the developers aren’t strictly forging new territory with this PvP title: “A lot of what they’re doing aren’t so much new inventions as bringing back ideas that haven’t been explored in awhile […] Crowfall cleverly puts together existing ideas and existing technologies that unlock potential that hasn’t been pursued in a really long time.”

Koster praised the flexibility of Crowfall’s design, saying that if a campaign isn’t working out, the developers can simply flip the switch and run a different ruleset the next time around. He also indicated that players will have much more of an impact in this MMO than others. “In the case of Crowfall, between voxels and the limited campaign durations, we can actually let players affect the world much more,” he said. “Crowfall can feel more like a living world because, although the campaigns will end, the fact that they will end is what lets you really change things.”

Crowfall isn’t the sole topic of conversation in this interview. Koster does point a finger at World of Warcraft for cutting off MMO innovation, although he said that previous MMO ideas simply migrated to other games such as Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto.

Source: MMORPG.com



Watch Marvel Heroes’ Ant-Man control insect swarms

If you could control a few million ants to do your bidding, how would you use them? Probably less responsibly than Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man, which is why we’re glad that he has those powers and you do not.

Still, if bugs are your thing, then you can take control as Ant-Man when he comes to Marvel Heroes as the game’s 49th hero tomorrow. Gazillion released a trailer for the pint-sized fighter, showing off his various abilities including shrinking, growing, flying around on an ant, and summoning swarms to pummel foes.

Really, you just have to see him in action to understand, which is why we’ve embedded the trailer for you after the jump.

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Elder Scrolls Online gives you a first look at Imperial City DLC pack

Elder Scrolls Online has been cruising along in buy-to-play mode for a few months now (and reportedly doing quite well for itself), but its next true test of the new business model will come later this summer with the game’s first DLC update.

The Imperial City DLC pack is scheduled to land on August 31st for PC and Mac, with consoles to follow on September 15th (Xbox One) and September 16th (PlayStation 4). The pack includes six districts with plenty of new quests, dungeons, “massive” PvP battles, collectables, veteran rank 16 gear, and a new foe called the Xivkyn. That last one is a winning Scrabble word if we ever saw one.

Imperial City can be obtained either by subscribing or by purchasing it for 2,500 crowns in the store. You can get an eyeful of the new content in the DLC trailer below.

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Warcraft movie footage smuggled from SDCC

Well, you know that someone had to be the sneaky one and record the Warcraft movie footage from the San Diego Comic Con. And now we have it.

The crowd at SDCC was shown several minutes of cobbled-together movie clips from the upcoming World of Warcraft film as an exclusive reveal, with the public trailer coming later this year. One fan recorded the footage on a phone and smuggled it out.

So if you’re totally cool with the hand-held perspective, a slanted view, commentary from the audience, and giant head silhouettes blocking some of the action, then you can watch over four minutes of Orcs in action after the jump!

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The Daily Grind: Are dungeon finders a blessing or a curse?

Dungeon finders — they’re great, right? They take away the hassle of forming groups and get scads of players into some of the most detailed hand-crafted content of MMOs. Ever since dungeon (LFG) finders landed on the scene and became game staples, experiencing group content in MMOs has become easier than ever.

Dungeon finders — they’re horrible, right? They’ve created an anti-social cesspool where players don’t talk but scream at each other, screw each other over for loot rolls, and have converted instance runs from epic struggles into routine drudgery.

Dungeon finders — blessing or curse?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!


Global Chat: How Marvel Heroes made a dad a hero

I love a good customer service story, because it reminds me that a lot goes right behind-the-scenes at MMOs that’s hardly ever reported. Braxwolf recently related a heart-warming account of how his son accidentally deleted a pet in Marvel Heroes and Braxwolf’s subsequent encounter with the game’s CS team.

I’ll let you read the entire saga for yourself, but here’s a spoiler as to how it ends: “What I received was reinforcement that Gazillion values us, knows that we are people who sometimes make mistakes, and goes out of their way to help us out when we’re stuck. They also enabled me to look like a hero in my son’s eyes for a few minutes, which was worth even more.”

In this week’s roundup of notable MMO posts from the blogosphere, we have a critical case of Final Fantasy XIV stoic nodding, helpful Trove tips, and a love-hate relationship with dungeon tanking.

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Star Trek Online starts selling puppy lockboxes

Quick, someone call the animal humane society because Star Trek Online is cramming innocent puppies into airtight boxes!

This puppy abuse is part of STO’s new Krenim lockboxes, which will be coming for your wallet when Season 10.5 launches on Thursday. Players have a shot at finding one of five beagle puppy vanity pets in the boxes, in addition to more high-tech prizes such as a tier 6 Krenim Imperial Warship, a Zahl Heavy Cruiser, and new temporal specialist duty officers. But really, it’s all about the puppies.

Cryptic said that it’s making some changes with these lockboxes to enhance players sense of “value” when opening them. This means that there will be fewer crappy prizes and beefed-up versions of lower-tier goods.


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