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Chronicles of Elyria has three prologue experiences in the works, including a MUD

While the full MMORPG portion of Chronicles of Elyria may be a year and a half off (or more), the team is working hard at bringing not one, not two, but three early experiences for players.

The first will be an offline “prologue” with 22 feature areas with the purpose of testing several of the features that will go into the MMO. That will be followed by the web-based game Kingdoms of Elyria. Through this game, players will joust for power and help to shape the backstory of the game while also helping to test out the political system that will (yes) go into Chronicles of Elyria.

And believe it or not, but the final early experience will be an actual text-based multi-user dungeon called ElyriaMUD.

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Overwatch, League of Legends, and World of Warcraft top May Superdata charts

Probably no big surprise here, but according to Superdata Research in May, Blizzard and Riot Games are still kings of the online PC gaming charts.

Overwatch was the MVP of May, raking in $269 million during the month and absolutely smashing rival Battleborn’s ($18 million) face into the dirt. League of Legends remained on top of the free-to-play list, while World of Warcraft, Lineage, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and TERA enjoyed rankings on the subscription side of the equation.

The report noted that “online multiplayer gaming [is] now a key element in console strategy,” with consoles offering more online titles and increasing revenue from those games. On the flipside, it pointed out that PC subscriptions dipped sharply in May, falling under $200 million.

Source: Superdata. Thanks Bob for the tip!


The MOP Up: Ingress players show love for Orlando (June 26, 2016)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

Following the June 12th attacks in Orlando, MMO players have shown support and love for those affected by the tragedy. Reader Nordavind pointed out that Ingress players have worked together to create a virtual heart over the city by capturing select portals. How cool is that?

We’ve got plenty of other news tidbits for you after the jump, including patches, MMOs in testing, videos, and more!

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Destiny prepares to put Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions into maintenance mode

Players using older consoles to adventure in Destiny will soon discover that they’re being moved to the kids table, unable to enjoy the latest offerings — including the new expansion.

Bungie announced that Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles are scheduled to make up Destiny’s “legacy consoles,” servers that will be shut out of Rise of Iron when it comes to the game later this summer and any future updates. Additionally, legacy servers and the main servers (Xbox One and PlayStation 4) will no longer be able to share accounts or character progress after August, but will instead splinter off into different paths.

In other words, Destiny on the older consoles will be switching over to a kind of maintenance mode. The studio posted a list of details about what will and will not be available when the change happens.

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One Shots: When magick met wizardry

When magic meets magic, does it shake hands? Give each other a hearty fist bump and catch up on old times? Or does it create friction and fireworks? Always seems to do the last one, doesn’t it.

Pid is making magic in Elder Scrolls Online as of late: “I stayed away from ESO since beta in 2014. There were many flaws and bots/hacks that drove me away. When I heard that it was MMO Game of the Year 2015 at E3 curiosity drew me back into it and now I’m having a blast — much like those two blasts shown in this pic.”

We’ll provide the visuals for you for free, but you’re going to need to generate your own sound effects to go with the screenshot. May we suggest clapping your hands and shouting, “KA-POWEE?”

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The Game Archaeologist talks to the Asheron’s Call super-fan

A little while back, I received a rather passionate email from Massively OP reader Diego regarding Asheron’s Call. He had quite a lot to say about the game’s current and troubled state, and he was hoping that I would write up a piece on it as a result.

Instead, I invited him to sit down and talk about the game, especially considering that he was a long-time player of Asheron’s Call, a beta tester for both AC titles, and involved in the fan site community. At the core of the discussion was his opinion that Asheron’s Call was Turbine’s greatest creation and the studio’s hope for a return to MMO excellence.

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Marvel Heroes pulls out all of the stops in its third anniversary finale

Hopefully you haven’t missed out on Marvel Heroes’ incredible third anniversary event that’s been raging across the game all month. In addition to giving out a wide array of freebies, including hero tokens and team-ups, the occasion has been marked by the activation of several of the game’s bonus events.

For the last week of the game’s anniversary, Gazillion is pulling out all of the stops in making it a time to remember. There are tons of sales, the return of all of the boosts, and scads of events, such as Armor Incursion, Odin’s Bounty, and a 200% server-wide XP bonus. There’s even a brand-new Cable danger room tournament — it’s a good time to be alive and gaming.

Get in on the fun before it’s gone: The anniversary events and sales end on June 30th.


The Daily Grind: Which MMO has killed you the most?

There’s a small story behind that screenshot up there. I was playing Star Trek Online, and during a boss fight I was stricken by a rather nasty DoT. While I won the fight, I saw that my death was imminent, so the second that I got the option to beam back to my ship, I clicked it — right as my character slumped to the ground. My crew transported my corpse aboard. I imagine there was an awkward silence afterward.

Some MMORPGs tend to kill us more than others. Maybe they’re just tougher, or death is more of a fact of life in those titles. Perhaps we just are terrible at that particular game. But when you look back at your entire gaming career, which MMO has killed you more than others on average?

For me, I’ll have to say The Secret World. That title seems to delight in making me faceplant, sometimes for the egregious sin of merely logging into the game. What about you?

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Procedural sandbox Forsaken Legends sells prelaunch access

It’s the weekend and you deserve a treat. How about word of a new fantasy MMORPG that you could play right now, albeit in an early form?

The game of the hour is Forsaken Legends, a procedural sandbox that a three-man team has been developing since October of last year. What makes this title special? According to the devs: “Simply put, the Forsaken Legends world lives, breathes, and changes. Players can literally shape the world around them by completing quests, which remove problem monsters from the area, harvesting and selling resources to towns, and much, much more!” In a change from most sandboxes announced these days, PvP won’t be everywhere but instead confined to certain areas.

The team reports that most of Forsaken Legends’ core game systems are in place, including combat and world generation, but there is a lot to do in other areas, such as art. While development has been self-funded to this point, now the devs are looking to sell access to the prelaunch title to help raise money. By purchasing a package, which can be obtained as low as $29, players can have unlimited access up until launch, after which the game will switch to monthly time cards.

You can get a feel for Forsaken Legends in the overview video below!

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Revelation Online’s wardens fight on the front line against evil

Revelation Online is an incoming import that’s still working to build up awareness in the west. The game not only has to make the case that it has robust PvE and PvP features but also a world that’s full of substance and story.

Ergo, the release of a new lore video this week. In it, the story of the wardens is shared: Five super-powered beings who were tasked with fighting evil. One of them tried to absorb all of the evil (because that sounded like a good idea at the time), leaving the other four to fight both the dark forces in the world and their own misguided brother.

Revelation Online is currently accepting signups for the closed beta. You can watch the action-packed lore video on the Wardens after the break.

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How starving in Crowfall can turn you into a ‘chicken’

Food in MMORPGs usually exists to provide luxury buffs for characters heading into raids, but for Crowfall it will be present to keep players from becoming chickens.

According to a dev blog on the new food system, characters will need to eat somewhat regularly in the game to keep their food meter high. The meter is depleted over time and through actions such as jumping and taking damage. If it dips below 70%, players activate what the studio is calling the “chicken ticker” and start incurring negative penalties like having regeneration switch off and health start to drain away.

“The eventual goal of this system is to add some survival elements and make the act of finding, creating, and eating food meaningful,” ArtCraft noted. “Food mechanics have been in online games for a long time — even DikuMUD had them.”

The food system is coming to the test servers this week, and there’s an exciting, edge-of-your-seat video of a character eating in Crowfall after the jump. What are you waiting for?

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World of Warcraft devs want to bring more flavor to professions in Legion

A new expansion is as good an excuse as any to stir the pot and make big changes to an MMO, since players are already in the mode to adapt. Blizzard is tossing in several adjustments to professions come World of Warcraft: Legion in the hopes of providing more “flavor” for crafters and gatherers.

In a profession livestream yesterday, Senior Game Designer Paul Kubit discussed how the studio is adding more steps to some of the profession tasks to take players out of static recipe windows and into the world. He also addressed the heated Blood of Sargeras controversy, saying that the studio is looking into providing other ways for non-gatherers to get them but doesn’t want to make the items bind-to-account in fear of pressuring players to wield armies of alts.

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Fragmented’s NPCs are gunning for you

Heads-up for any out there who thought that Fragmented’s enemy mobs were timid push-overs: Those days are over.

A new build for The Repopulation survival spin-off has given a motivational speech for these NPCs, and as such the AI has become a lot more aggressive toward players. These mobs will chase players for longer and have an easier time navigating obstacles during said chase.

Another priority for the patch was to fix some issues with structures. Players now have the option to move some of their houses, and new buildings won’t be seeing the scaling issues that older ones have suffered.

There’s a lot of smaller fixes and tweaks with Build 16.6.4, so check out the patch notes before you dive back into this survival shooter!

Source: Patch notes


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