Warframe launches a dojo improvement while celebrating its anniversary and St. Patrick’s Day

It’s a big week for Warframe, partly because the game is celebrating five years of operation. The anniversary site has gone live, and it includes a preview of the new Excalibur skin being offered to everyone as part of the celebration. But you don’t have to stop there; you can also pick up a shamrock dye pack from the market for the excessive price of… one credit. Yes, a single credit. That’s only there until March 19th, so you should pick that up sooner rather than later.

Why stop there? The game has also dropped a patch aimed at reworking the clan dojo areas, with an eye toward giving players more decorations, more functionality, and more tools to make use of those decorations. Dojo rooms can now hold more items and have access to over 60 new faction-themed decorations, like Grineer catwalks and fuel tanks. It’s all a lot of stuff, and it’s a nice way to thank the players who have been with the game for half a decade now.

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Dauntless patches in new axe options, more war pikes, and new island gameplay

Fans of Dauntless can rejoice for the game’s latest patch, which finally adds the last batch of warpikes for all of the game’s current Behemoths. This means that there are no more placeholders for weapons in the game, and players who like sticking stuff with the pointy end of a stick have more choices. Similarly, axe fans will have a number of new options and game mechanics to use when taking down a charging beastie.

Considering that both Shrike and Moonreaver have been improved and overhauled as fights, you’ll probably have good reason to put these other improvements to the test. There are also new bits of gameplay to be found on islands and a variety of stability improvements and backend fixes, to boot. Check out the full patch notes and get ready to start slaying more effectively, however you prefer to take on the big critters.

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Path of Exile improves the quality of Bestiary League with its latest patch

Everyone loves Path of Exile’s Bestiary League, except maybe the beasts. But what if you have a whole pile of beasts, including some you’ve given names like Garbage Beast and Stupid Beast I Don’t Want, while your friend Meredith has dangerously low beast reserves? The good news is that the game’s latest patch will allow you to trade beasts to others, so Meredith can now take the beasts you don’t want! Which is probably better if she doesn’t see you’re trading her The Beast of Filling Inventory Space.

The patch also contains a variety of useful quality-of-life improvements, like reorganizing bestcrafting recipes and adding two new sets of craftable options. That’s in addition to a wide array of bug fixes for the game, ranging from beast-related improvements to just fixing persistent bugs like damage buffs not applying properly to off-hand items. So check out the full list of changes, get ready for even more fun times with beasts, and get used to seeing the word “beast” so often in various permutations that it stops seeming like a real word. Beast, beast, beast.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Veldan for the tip!


Eternal Crusade promises a new update coming this month

The last time we heard from the team behind Eternal Crusade, there were some vague plans of stuff to be done about a battle royale mode and ambiguities with the game’s lead designer. Now, though, there is an update in the works and it should probably be out later this month. The notification of same mentions multiple times that the developers are learning to work with a smaller team, which carries other implications, but the important point is that there will be an update with a fair amount of content.

The update might include a new game mode of an undisclosed nature and will include multiple new maps and items. There will also be a balance pass for combat across the board, especially to improve vehicle health and bolter damage. A new campaign series is also in the works, along with a reorganization of the game’s existing DLC to be easier to purchase and understand for new converts. It doesn’t mention a date, but the signs of life alone should be good news for the fans.

Source: Steam


TERA kicks off a second console beta on March 16

The second open beta for TERA’s console edition arrives on March 16th, but if you weren’t part of the first test, you won’t be part of the second. Seriously, it’s only available to testers from the first round, that’s just the way it is. (One could argue that isn’t the definition of an “open” beta, but let’s not quibble.) Of course, it’s also running for only two days, so it’s more about being around for stress tests as well as putting a variety of bug fixes and UI improvements to the test for veterans.

The level cap for this test has been buffed to 58, with players able to unlock the Reaper class once they successfully hit level 40. (Whether or not you should fear it is an open question.) Taking part will also net participants a Blue Angel Halo, if you needed a little extra bribery to get you motivated. So pop on in and see if the changes have significantly improved the experience of playing the game.


World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth opens up island expeditions for testing

One of the big features of World of Warcraft’s next expansion is available for testing now, the island expeditions. If you’ve wondered what it’ll be like to venture into randomly-generated regions in the hopes of finding spectacular rewards (meaning Azerite), you can try that out right now! Assuming you’re in the Battle for Azeroth alpha, anyhow. Everyone else is just going to have to wait.

The latest build for the alpha test also contains the long-awaited posture switch option for male Orcs, allowing them to stand upright rather than hunching over perpetually. It also adds in a new cat form for the Zandalari and what appears to be a bear form for Kul Tiran druids, fueling speculation that Kul Tiran humans are both on their way as an allied race and that they will address the imbalance of Druid options currently in the game. It’s not confirmed, obviously, it could just be a weird bear, but what’s life without some fun speculation?


ECO shows off its upcoming vehicles

At long last, players of ECO will no longer be stuck having to walk from place to place like an animal, but will be free to tear across the landscape of this ecologically focused game in a smoke-belching SUV. Sure, the first vehicles previewed don’t fall under that header, but we’re certain it’s only a matter of time. Show the game what “player vs. environment” can really mean!

Jokes aside, the addition of a universal steam engine (previewed in a video below) and a variety of different vehicle types will allow players to explore more options for living in harmony with the environment or exploiting it for short-term gain. The initial lineup should give you the farming and transportation tools you’ll need. Players are also encouraged to vote on the next major development goals for the title; the vehicles are expected to be up for testing on April 6th, with a main Steam release not long thereafter.

For those who have forgotten, ECO is an environmental-themed sandbox title that’s been in early access since February. You can check that out for a look at the world and the game with the developers.

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Monster Hunter World’s first patch is all about balance adjustments for weaponry

The first major patch for Monster Hunter World is arriving on March 16th, and thankfully it will include a new monster to fight in the form of Deviljho. That’s the only real content addition, though; the big feature is the laundry list of changes coming to every weapon in the game. Great Sword users will see increased damage from Charged Slash maneuvers, Long Sword users get big buffs to Foresight Slash, and Sword & Shield can toss beetles more effectively with a weapon drawn.

In fact, pretty much every weapon has seen some significant balance changes, except for bowguns; those are unadjusted. Lances in particular have been upgraded to be easier to use in general, which should be a boon to veteran players and Lance enthusiasts alike. There are also new quality of life features and a free ticket to adjust your character’s appearance, so even if you’ve only got one new monster to hunt, you should find plenty of other things to enjoy in the patch.

Source: Kotaku


Final Fantasy XI brings in new Dynamis and relic reforging

The newest update to Final Fantasy XI means the end of the game’s Dynamis – Divergence areas with the addition of Jeuno, thus allowing players to explore the twisted reflections of the prior twisted reflections. Lots of twisting and reflections, in short. Of course, you can get new rewards by doing so, namely the chance to reforge your relic legs and body pieces by taking part in the new content. If you’re eager for new challenges, it’s right there for you to enjoy.

Players are also able to take on a new set of foes in Ambuscade and explore the latest set of Records of Eminence updates for the game’s anniversary. There are also the usual bug fixes, usability improvements, and a few items losing their exclusive tag for convenience’s sake. Check out the full patch notes and get ready to start exploring as the game happily hums along.


Monster Hunter World previews a crossover with Devil May Cry

The Monster Hunter series is a set of video games in which you fight giant monsters and then harvest their corpses to make more powerful equipment. The Devil May Cry series is a set of video games in which you fight giant monsters while making flippant bon mots at the monster’s expense, then look really cool while letting them explode or sink into lava or whatever. Clearly, these are two great tastes that taste great together, which is why we’re getting a Devil May Cry crossover event in Monster Hunter World.

We don’t yet have a date for when this is going live, but players will be able to pick up gear based on DMC’s protagonist Dante through an event quest. It does not appear that you’ll also get the ability to deliver armor-piercing lines with a smirk, so you’ll have to provide that for yourself until your teammates beg you to be quiet. Check out the collaboration trailer just past the break.

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Final Fantasy XIV opens the gates to Eureka with patch 4.25

The forbidden land of Eureka doesn’t care if you’ve reached Level 70 across the board. It cares about your elemental level, and you’re going to be working that up by fighting things and leveling up in this forbidden land. That’s the centerpiece of the latest addition to Final Fantasy XIV, giving players a new side of content to explore to unlock new weapons and armor. The patch also includes new quests in the ongoing Hildibrand side story, so you can use that as a breather between ventures into a forbidden land.

Players can also look forward to this year’s Hatching-tide event, which will be starting up on March 20th and offer a new wall decoration and new minion. So even if you’re not feeling up to an in-depth exploration of a dangerous landscape, you’ll have plenty of other things to take on. Most of those other new things don’t upgrade your gear, of course, but that’s the nature of the beast.


TERA recaps its first console open beta

So, how did the first open beta for TERA on consoles go? In brief, it went well. In more words… well, why not take a look at the recap on the official site? There were some performance issues and some problems, and as a result the team is holding a second open beta this weekend to identify and fix some of those problems. Players who want to take part should leave the client on their consoles so that they can update quickly.

Players also managed to unlock all of the stretch goals for participation over the weekend, which means that all players will earn special masks upon logging in at the official launch. In other words, it wound up going pretty well! And you’ll have a little more time to test the game from the comfort of your couch again, so it works out well no matter what.


Secret World Legends’ season 2 adventure zone will not be set in the Congo

The first adventure zone in Secret World Legends will not be in the Congo. Funcom’s got a teaser thread ticking off all the possibilities, where the studio is slowly crossing off all the places we will not be going… or at least, not going yet. Maybe in the future we’ll head to the Congo, but not now. It’s all part of the ongoing sequence of eliminating countries to serve as the game’s next destination.

With the elimination of the Congo, there are only 14 remaining countries on the face of the planet that might hold the next destination for intrepid players. Speculate all you wish about which of the remaining countries might host the adventure zone; there’s already eager discussion in the thread about the possibilities, from Uganda to South Africa.

Update: As this post went live, Funcom formally announced South Africa and a whole bunch more. Go have a look!

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