EverQuest II brings GU125 to the beta server on March 26

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Did you know that if all of EverQuest II’s game updates were chicken eggs, this latest one would be the 125th egg? That’s a lot of eggs! It’s also totally irrelevant, as the new update has nothing to do with eggs as a theme. It does sport new quests, new dungeons, and a new raids, so there may be some egg-related antics happening there, perhaps someone will be eating some delicious eggs while taking on those dungeons. But the new dungeon is not particularly egg-themed.

However, even if you really find new familiar content types all too common, you might still be interested in testing this update because it’s bringing DirectX 11 support. You’ll need to install the game’s beta version in order to test this, naturally, so if this sounds like a good reason to give it a shot you should follow the instructions in the official post. And maybe eat a delicious egg to celebrate. Hey, did we mention that 125 eggs is a lot of eggs?

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