World of Warcraft’s Holly Longdale reassures players that further PvE-based experiments are coming


If you’re a World of Warcraft player looking at Plunderstorm with some combination of bafflement and trepidation about the possibility that every further “experimental” bit of content will be PvP-focused, you can rest a bit easier. Holly Longdale has put out a very brief statement insisting that there are future bits of content coming which are entirely PvE-focused, including Season 4 of Dragonflight and the upcoming expansion The War Within.

A number of the comments in response to this particular announcement – aside from those pointing out that it’s fairly devoid of hard information – point out that the PvP focus is only part of what bothers people. It’s not just that Plunderstorm is a battle royale mod for the game, but that Plunderstorm is time-limited when it doesn’t need to be. Whether or not that particular complaint is addressed moving forward is… another matter altogether, and the announcement seems to imply quite the opposite. But the next time-limited content might be PvE-focused!

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