Labor changes, Pegasus mount coming to ArcheAge


Friday the 13th may have been a lucky day for ArcheAge fans! During Trion’s Friday livestream, Producer Merv “Khrolan” Lee Kwai revealed a move meant to increase the value of patron status: changing the offline labor regeneration rate to match the online rate. Starting about mid-April, paying players will accumulate 10 labor every five minutes whether or not they are logged in; there is no change to free accounts.

The livestream also highlighted more changes to Secrets of Ayanad coming later this month. On land, the necessary number of appraisal certificates will be determined by land size. Additionally, the Hasla raid boss Hanure the Hunter is getting a level bump to 55. In the air, a new gliding Pegasus mount will be available for purchase with loyalty points (approximately 625) or randomly from an Archeum Supply Crate. And in the water, fishing tournaments are slated to start next weekend.

A new event is also incoming. Spanning eight weekends (Thursdays through Sundays), Spirit of the Red Dragon will involve downing a mob that spawns three times each day and combining five scale drops to create a special cape with the appearance of red dragon wings.

[Source: Friday livestream, Total ArcheAge recap. Thanks to Rain for the tip!]
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