Guild Wars 2 tweaks the personal story for a solo finish


If you — like a certain unnamed but devastatingly handsome Massively Overpowered writer — have stalled out on the final stage of Guild Wars 2’s personal storyline, then this will make your day. The studio announced that it is changing the final two missions to allow it to be tackled by as few as one and as many as five players, allowing for a full solo run. Currently, the final mission requires a group of players to successfully complete.

ArenaNet Lead Writer Bobby Stein also said that the team is re-recording certain lines and restoring a mission that it had previously yanked: “To put it simply, we’re reactivating the ‘My Greatest Fear’ story steps and putting chapter eight content back in its original position in the overall narrative.”

[Source: Personal Story Restoration Update; thanks Enikuo!]
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