The Repopulation’s next build to feature underground cities, UI revamp, and more

Oh, good, I was worried this would be a happy story.

The Repopulation’s dev team has finished the quality assurance process on the game’s 15.2.1 build. Why should you care? Well, because it adds some nifty stuff to the sci-fi sandbox including underground cities, a UI revamp, housing rent, and the usual round of tweaks and bug fixes.

Nation cities gain access to “an underground space” at level four, as well as an above-ground teleporter that leads below. At city level 10, players will have four times the space below ground that they have above, and the devs say that there is room for further expansion “once initial testing of the system is complete.”

Today’s dev blog says that the UI revamp is incomplete, though it currently features “initial work on core elements.” More info is available at The Repopulation’s website.

[Source: Dev blog]
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