Pathfinder Online pushes for aggressive recruiting on media sites


What do you do when your in-testing MMO isn’t drawing in the crowd that you need it to be? Pathfinder Online thinks that the solution is to command loyal followers to go forth and recruit on various game media sites including Massively Overpowered.

“In my opinion, settlement recruiting activities in the wider MMO community continue to be almost zero,” Goblinworks CEO Ryan Dancey posted on the forums. “Collectively we need to be raising awareness about individual settlement AWESOME. […]¬†We need recruiting activity in the EVE community. I don’t know what the best vehicle is for that, so any and all suggestions are welcome.¬†Settlements that are committed to growing should have someone delegated to be visible in these places making regular posts and talking about the cool stuff their Settlement is doing. When the wider community sees activity and fun, that is a powerful attractant.”

In the thread, Dancey admitted that the team has no idea how many buddy keys have been given out to help with recruitment: “This is actually a pretty large issue — there are a lot of analytics that we should have but don’t have because I would rather invest team resources in features and polish than in analysis.”

[Source: Official forums]
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