Trailer shows off today’s big Dragon’s Prophet EU update


Dragon’s Prophet players in Europe have a handful of inhospitable new lands to explore filled with vicious new species to vanquish thanks to today’s extensive content update, Shadow of Betrayal. Runewaker has introduced the region of Sitheran, an area that lives up to its Draconic name, Entrance to Evil. Players will sludge through the toxic waters that flow through the lands of Black Tower, Tainted Lagoon, Racmon Grotto, and the Greenshroud Wood to face fierce foes such as the shax and blood devils. The update also brings new armor, quests, two adventure dungeons, one raid dungeon, and new tamable dragons as well as a level-cap increase to 105. Get a glimpse of Shadow of Betrayal in the trailer below.

[Source: Infernum Productions press release]
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