Das Tal devs talk about inspiration, weapons, armor, and meaningful conflict


Das Tal is forging ahead with its Kickstarter campaign, netting over $19,000 out of its $55,794 goal with 21 days left. The team is unloading articles left and right to talk about the game, including one piece that has each developer sharing what inspires him while working on the PvP sandbox.

There are also updates on the game’s armor and weapon sets, both of which are only partially completed and require more funding to become fully realized. The core game with Kickstarter assistance will cover three armor sets (leather, splint mail, and robe) and four types of weapons (bow, scythe, totem, and staff), although there are several more of both categories planned for the future.

Finally, the team uploaded a new design pillar video to share its philosophy on “meaningful conflict.” You can check that out for yourself after the break.

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