Take a walk to the past with World of Warcraft’s Mana-Tombs


Set your alarm for June 23rd and remember to charge up your flux capacitor, because World of Warcraft is about to take you back to the past with timewalking dungeons.

As Blizzard’s discussed already, Patch 6.2’s timewalking feature will open up a new difficulty level for older dungeons that will scale down players’ power and gear to meet the instance. One of these dungeons will be Outland’s Mana-Tombs, which will take players back to the early level 70s to root out a cult infestation in this strange crypt.

This version of Mana-Tombs, as with the other timewalking dungeons, will only become available on certain weekends. In addition to gear, the dungeon will reward players with achievements and Consortium reputation.

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