The Division walks players through the Dark Zone in a new video

Stop, woman, no crying.

What’s it like exploring the Dark Zone in The Division? It’s a question asked by many people who know there is a zone which is dark in the game, which is probably a small subset of people. But now you know it exists, and you’d like to know what it’s like to fight through it, and guess what? You can know, thanks to a new video walkthrough.

The walkthrough follows three players as they head into the dangerous area in search of valuable items, which they find, along with a whole lot of… well, danger. They don’t go in well-armed because it’s fun and all. So jump on down and watch the whole thing, complete with narration to give a clear picture of how players can tackle this area when the game finally releases. You should also stay tuned for our own E3 hands-on coming along later today.

Source: YouTube
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