Skyforge introduces the new Aelinet Portal on June 30th

Forum rejoinder attack!

Nowhere is Skyforge‘s sci-fi/fantasy setting blend more evident than with the in-game access to a specialized network meant for other aspiring deities. The portal is a thing in-universe, but it also serves as a tool for players, and on June 30th it’ll become an even┬ámore powerful tool. The game’s official forums are being rolled into the Aelinet Portal, which will allow players to post messages, share images, and communicate both from within the game and while they’re unable to log into the game proper.

The initial launch of this feature will allow gamers to communicate and message other players and fellow members of their┬áPantheon; in the future, even players logged in via the web client will be able to use this portal to manage things like Pantheon leadership functions. It’s a fantastic tool for keeping strong communication and community from both inside and outside the game. Check out the full rundown for all of the details.

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