World of Warcraft provides a guide to going back in time to the Nexus

Cool times.

Being a mage wasn’t a good thing back in World of Warcraft‘s second expansion, since the dragon aspect of magic had decided that mortal mages were responsible for every bad thing in the world and needed to die. Whether or not he had a point, most mages would prefer to continue living, and that’s the core reason behind storming the Nexus. Or it was, anyway; that’s all in the past, at this point you’re just storming the Nexus for a trip down memory lane.

As with other timewalking dungeons, this trip down memory lane also comes with level-appropriate gear and achievements for those who haven’t done this before. It also offers rewards for those taking part in the retrospective festivities in the past, so take a look at the preview and jump in to take yourself back to the days of mages being hunted by dragons.

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