World of Warcraft highlights the haunted places of Azeroth

You think you're so smart.

There’s a lot of ghostly stuff in World of Warcraft. Some of it, of course, is quite obvious. You fight a lot of ghosts, for example. But then there are the haunted spaces that are a bit more hidden away, the spots of the game that are creepy, disturbing, and unsettling without anything casting Frostbolts at you. A new post on the official site doesn’t cover everything weird and creepy within the game, but it will serve as a primer.

Among the spots listed are the eerily out-of-place mushroom circle within Tirisfal Glades, the sound of a heartbeat deep within the Karazhan Crypts, and the unknown ceremony that takes place among children in Elwynn Forest. If you’ve played the game for a while, odds are you’ll know some of them already, but there are likely to be some you don’t know. All the more reason to look around as the Halloween season rolls on…

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