Devilian begins 20v20 guild tourneys, grants 15 days of bonus gifts


Devilian players know that the game is absolutely shameless in its attempts to get you to log in and play it, with daily rewards, friend presents, and guild buffs abounding. Now Trion Worlds is adding even more incentive to play its action-RPG with 15 days of bonus gifts.

Between January 11th and the 15th, Devilian will dish out a “mysterious special delivery” to everyone who plays. Level 50 players get an extra gift between the 13th and 19th as well.

Speaking of reasons to log into the game, Devilian has plans to debut guild tournaments in this month’s update.┬áThese 20v20 battles will give guilds a chance to claw their way up four tiers of awards, but they’ll have to qualify first by being among the top guilds on the server to be able to participate.

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