Fans are remaking RuneScape with Neverwinter Nights 2’s toolset


Most RuneScape fans would probably agree that Jagex’s game is very fine indeed, but there are always those who look at an MMO and think, “I bet I can do it better!”

That’s where Molior RS comes into play.

Molior RS is a project by a team of RuneScape fans to remake the game using Neverwinter Nights 2’s Aurora Engine toolset. These fans have been toiling away at recreating the landscape and features of RuneScape’s world while also including many of the same quests and skilling system. However, there are plans to go beyond what RuneScape offers to make improvements on the game.

It’s one of those things you really have to see for yourself, so check out Molior RS after the break.

Source: Reddit
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