Indie Russian airship sandbox LuckCatchers is on Steam Greenlight for voting

Probably not designed for lengthy flight.

For reasons which remain shrouded in mystery, there are still very few games in which players take control of airships simply as a matter of course. LuckCatchers is one of those games. The Russian indie sandbox is up on Steam Greenlight right now for voting, with the obvious hope being that people will vote it into getting support and players will then enjoy flying about while informing all of their friends to do so as well.

What’s the game actually like? The game’s page describes it as a fully open-world sandbox complete with a player-focused economy and a variety of different open skill options for players. The video down below just shows a whole lot of flight and a large number of things designed to force flying things to crash. If you like either of those things, it may merit a look.

Source: Steam via Reddit
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