The Division on endgame, player looting, and pay-to-win


The Division has plenty of PvE objectives to propel you through a doomed and decaying New York City, but a large part of Ubisoft’s planned endgame consists of PvP inside the walled-off Dark Zone.

Ubisoft’s Magnus Jansen told Mashable that within the walls of the quarantine zone in the middle of Manhattan, players can attack each other, and any loot they grab in the zone is lootable by other players who take them out. “And since calling in a chopper for hazmat extraction alerts everyone in the vicinity, trying to get away with your loot also makes you – and others – a target.”

As to the PvE endgame, he says, “Rest assured, there’s PvE endgame for you, and there’s going to be goals and challenges and things to aspire to for you and your group. Difficult things that you really want to set your sights on and accomplish.”

Jansen also vows that while Ubisoft will sell DLC and cosmetic gear, the studio is against pay-to-win shenanigans: “[T]here won’t be a pay-to-win or a pay-to-get-better-gear or pay-to-get-more-Dark-Zone-credit.”

Source: Mashable
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