EVE player uses $28,000 of skill injectors to create max character


We recently brought you the story of EVE Online player Stromgren who had bought almost $7,000 worth of skill injectors to become the highest-skilled character in the game overnight. A bizarre twist on that story has since emerged when another player named IronBank created a brand-new character and used around $28,000 worth of injectors to max out every possible skill he could acquire to level 5. A total of around 2,846 injectors were used to boost the new character up to 473,344,000 skill points that would normally take over 20 years of skill training time to acquire. Those injectors are currently worth over 1.7 trillion ISK or about 1,423 PLEX, which would currently cost between $21,161 and $28,446 to buy with cash.

The response from the EVE Online community has been understandably mixed. While some point out that having a max-skill character doesn’t provide any real benefit over a well-planned 30-50 million skill point character, others players feel that being able to create a three-day-old max character cheapens their own time investment in EVE. Players have also highlighted the fact that the player behind IronBank used the immense ISK profits from running a lucrative gambling website to fund the skill injectors, and he did it all live on stream to drum up further interest in his online gambling services.

Stromgren now sits at number 2 in the skill point rankings and has injected another 60 million skill points since our previous story, bringing his character up to 400 million skill points.

Source: EVE Forum, EVE Subreddit, (thanks to Cista Cista for the tip!)
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