BBC news reports on World of Warcraft Nostalrius server shutdown


The shutdown of Nostalrius is not going quietly into the night. The wake of the World of Warcraft vanilla emulator’s closure under the threat of legal action has rippled out so far that it has caught the attention of BBC news.

“Many who commented on the closure acknowledged the fact that running servers such as Nostalrius was technically illegal, but said Blizzard should support non-profit fan-driven projects to keep the game going,” the BBC said. The news agency noted that it attempted to contact Blizzard, but the studio had yet to respond.

A petition asking Blizzard to cooperate with Nostalrius and support vanilla servers has gathered over 102,000 signatures at the time of this writing.

If you’re curious what the last minutes of Nostalrius was like, MMO blog Parallel Context shared the following video of the moments leading up to the server’s shutdown.

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