Chronicles of Elyria’s Kickstarter is now live


The Kickstarter for Chronicles of Elyria has just gone live. Soulbound Studios’ goal won’t surprise anyone as the company told followers in March that it would seek a relatively modest $900k. The $25 pledge includes the complete game, running up to $10,000 if you want to play the game as a literal monarch. Stretch goals are not yet listed, but it’s safe to assume they’re forthcoming.

The indie sandbox touts a complex aging and death system that ties into its unique “earn-to-play” business model, plus destructible environments, offline leveling, and an emphasis on extreme realism.

“We’ve turned to Kickstarter to fund this project because traditional game publishers won’t take this risk,” says the studio of 16 employees so far. “They are incentivized to clone the latest success and merely re-skin it. But not all players want a WoW clone or to play the same game every time. Our innovative ideas come FROM gamers FOR gamers. WE want to play this game, so we turn to YOU to help make that happen.”

Soulbound says it’s already invested half a million dollars into pre-production and has an equal sum committed from investors.

“We also promised to only go to Kickstarter once we had a playable demo (combat demo released at PAX East) and substantial development to show,” they explain. “This is not just a concept that we’re presenting. It’s a game in the making that we need your help to bring to fruition.”

Get caught up on our coverage of the game since its announcement last year:

Source: Kickstarter
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