Check out a video preview of TERA’s flying mounts

Dear readers, if you have a delicate constitution, the video below the cut may prove too shocking for you. You see, as the video opens, a player in TERA is riding upon a mount, and the world is in its right and proper place. But a moment hence, the camera moves, and we see that the mount approaches a cliff at a swift pace! What shall be done? The player is in peril, yet the mount continues, riding on over the cliff, tumbling into that black abyss! Oh, the regret!

And yet, there is hope, for in a minute it becomes clear that the mount has used the great wings on its sides to take to the skies, soaring like an eagle with person sitting on its back! For indeed, the mount is not simply a mount, but a flying mount! So steady yourself to see the full video, and try not to be too disturbed by the sight of mounts treading where simple walking mounts dare not tread! Because it is the sky, and they cannot tread there.

Source: YouTube
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