Dual Universe details changes to ship engines for more differentiated gameplay

There’s a lot going on for any individual ship in Dual Universe, but right now vertical boosters cover too much of what’s going on when you’re getting that ship off the ground and into the air. That’s a bad thing not because it’s too easy but because it gives too little room for different ships to have different areas of specialization. So the mechanics behind getting your ship in the air are being changed and expanded specifically, with the developers considering several different circumstances that come up as your craft, well, goes up.

Elements like wings and stabilizers are important when you’re maintaining altitude and flying within an atmosphere, while vertical boosters (greatly tuned down) and antigrav generators cover things like staying in place while still being airborne or getting airborne in the first place. It’s a lot of changes to the game as it stands, but it should allow for ships that can take off quickly and move or that need plenty of space to get consistently flying. Check out the full article for all the detail you could presumably want on flying your ship.


World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth’s flight requirements listed, Kul Tiran Druid acquatic forms discovered

Enjoy your friendly skies now, flyboys and flygirls, because World of Warcraft is prepared to ground you once again in its next expansion. And while everyone knew that we’d have to hoof it for a while like savages, at least now we know some of what we’ll have to do to regain flight privileges.

The list to gain flight access in Battle for Azeroth looks daunting, but it’s also very similar to the path that players had to undergo in Legion. Basically, you’ll need to go through all of the main storylines, fully explore all of the zones, and max out your reputation with several new factions. It’s important to note that this list is just part one of the requirements and not the whole deal. Again, much like with Legion.

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Guild Wars 2 griffon changes ruffles players’ feathers

While Guild Wars 2’s Lunar New Year patch  this past week had plenty for players to absorb and enjoy, it’s one change in particular that’s put some of the community into a grumpy mood.

One of the small fixes has resulted in a huge change to how the game’s griffon mounts perform: “Fixed a bug in which griffons could interrupt the delay that occurred after performing a diving wing flap by immediately pitching up.”

According to some players, the course correction turned the griffon into a more clunky and awkward flying mount — and they are not happy about it. The Guild Wars 2 subreddit post criticizing the change has received 1,314 upvotes and generated 263 comments.

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World of Warcraft’s Argus hasn’t got flying – and it never will

So, had you been hoping that at some point World of Warcraft would let you fly in the final zone of Legion? Best give up that hope. The official word is in from community manager Oryx that there will never be flying in Argus. Not now, not in the next expansion, not in a decade, never. Oryx also points out that this isn’t unusual, as things were the same on the Isle of Quel’danas, the Timeless Isle, and the Isle of Thunder.

Unlike all of the above, of course, Argus is not an island. But Oryx still stresses that the point of the zone is to feel dangerous even to players who can soar through the Broken Isles, hence keeping it dangerous for players who are stuck on the ground. Whether or not that argument holds any water for you is down to personal preference, but at least it’s not the entire expansion that’s been cut off from flight.


You will believe that a player can fly in Citadel

If you’re populating an online fantasy game with nothing but adeptly magical players, then it’s not a big jump to accepting that all sorts of seemingly impossible feats will become commonplace in that world. Like flight, for instance.

“Why walk when you can fly?” asked Citadel: Forged With Fire’s devs. “Growing in experience should feel significant, and flight is one of the many things we added to make sure this was the case.”

There are three avenues for the aspiring wizard pilot. Players can craft and use a magical broomstick, although these suck up mana when in flight. Another option is to use a pacify spell on a winged creature like a dragon and then use the beast as your personal transportation. Finally, it is possible to make flight potions using one’s alchemy skill, although the devs warn that if your mana runs out mid-flight, you’ll be taking an express trip to ground town.

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Moonlight Blade’s Puppet Master never loses her toy while flying

Before you ask, no, we don’t have a clue whether or when the wuxia-themed Moonlight Blade is coming to the west. It’s certainly a promising Asian MMO, which is why we are eager to lap up any information that we get about the title, such as flying.

Flying is one of the defining features of Moonlight Blade, allowing characters to propel themselves into the sky for a short period of time. What’s even more interesting is that each class has its own style of aerobatic flight.

Steparu posted a new video of the Puppet Master’s flight style and elaborated a little on what can be done while you take off for the skies: “Not much can be done in terms of the shaky camera controls as it’s scripted in the flying animation. However, players are able to control where they want to fly freely at the start, in between, and at the end of each flying animation in action. You can even make a full U-turn!”

Check out the Puppet Master’s aerial moves after the break!

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TERA ushers in the Guilded Age

You know how some MMO content patches have a spread of features, giving everyone a little something? Well, TERA’s update this week isn’t that type of patch. Instead, The Guilded Age is, as its title suggests, all about guild improvements.

With yesterday’s patch came new group guild missions, a new type of guild currency that can be used to benefit the organization or its individual members, guild skills, and even a new weekly guild vs. guild combat event.

The update also debuted dragon mounts, a new type of flying mount that comes in Ghost and Diamond varieties. It sounds like you can only buy one of these in the game’s store for the time being.

Check out The Guilded Age’s preview page or patch notes for the full rundown of all of the changes with this content drop!


TERA gives clearance for dragon flight next week

Unlike some MMOs that keep trying to ground their population, TERA has given the clearance for unbridled flight. And not just your normal, average commute on a 747; nay, this is the variety of flight that comes on the back of a majestic dragon of legend.

Along with the civil unrest event, September 20th’s Gilded Age update will introduce flyable dragons to TERA. And the game isn’t cheaping out by having one dragon model with six color reskins; from the looks of it, there are radically different dragon types, from your classic Smaug look-alikes to glassy bone monsters.

Will you learn to train your dragon in time for September 20th? Your first step on that journey is to watch the flying dragon trailer after the break. Step two involves a music montage of some sort.

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TERA is offering players pigs who do in fact fly

You know all of those crazy things you said you’d do when pigs fly? Well, that’s a thing that’s happening. TERA has added a set of flying pig mounts to the game’s store. You can log into the game, stand in place, and watch as pigs really do fly right in front of you. Now you’ll have to deal with the crushing reality of promises you never actually intended to keep.

Players who want to be roaming reminders of the unthinkable coming to pass can purchase one of the four pigs directly or a box containing a random selection of hog. There’s also a loot box which contains an even more powerful version of the existing mounts that restores your health and mana as you fly if you can’t get enough of those flying pigs. Meanwhile, the game’s Korean version is getting a new 30-person raid encounter, which may or may not be something you expected to happen concurrent with porcine aviation.


TERA welcomes single players into its Castle Aranea dungeon

Not every dungeon in TERA will give you the comfort of traversing it with your fellow meat shields friends. Some are solo dungeons, which means that you’ll need to either rise to the occasion or flee in fear.

One such dungeon has just arrived in the game yesterday: Castle Aranea. This instance, which has something to do with time travel, can be tackled by only solo players level 65 or higher. There’s a lot of loot to be had for conquerors, including Dreadnought gear.

The Castle Aranea update also expanded free flight into Southern Shara, giving six additional zones clearance for sky travel. You can get pumped for Castle Aranea with its trailer below!

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TERA’s Aces Wild update will include wardrobe space and more flying regions

The Aces Wild update for TERA is going live on Thursday, but there are still a couple of important updates that players didn’t have the scoop on. Sure, you know about the dungeons and battlegrounds, but did you know that you’ll also have access to more storage space just to be as fashionable as possible? Probably not, because it was only just recently revealed. Bankers will now have a separate storage tab for costumes, allowing you to keep stuff in reserve that you only break out for special occasions.

Players who own flying mounts will also have more regions to explore from the sky, with the Isle of Dawn, Northern Arun, and Southern Arun all open for free airborne exploration. Sure, it’s not a new set of dungeons to fight through or new battlegrounds to rampage across, but the little quality-of-life improvements should make the game that much more satisfying to play.


TERA teaches you how to fly above your dreams

Yes, you may have heard that flying mounts are indeed on their way to TERA. But exactly how will you turn the sky into your personal playground? Happily, En Masse has put out a helpful guide to turn you into a fantasy aviator.

According to the guide, players can unlock the quest to gain flight at level 65. TERA will give players one mount for free, with others available in the store. You should know that the game has restricted airspace, as only the zones of Velika, Val Oriyn, and Highwatch allow flight. Mounts will only be able to fly for so long before being forced to land, so make sure you keep an eye on how many seconds of airtime that you have left.

The studio said that flight won’t automatically allow you to bypass all of the landmass: “Each free-fly zone has its own limit on how high you can go on a flying mount. This is usually enough to get over tall terrain and give you a good view of the countryside… but it’s not enough to fly over all obstacles in a given zone.”

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Check out a video preview of TERA’s flying mounts

Dear readers, if you have a delicate constitution, the video below the cut may prove too shocking for you. You see, as the video opens, a player in TERA is riding upon a mount, and the world is in its right and proper place. But a moment hence, the camera moves, and we see that the mount approaches a cliff at a swift pace! What shall be done? The player is in peril, yet the mount continues, riding on over the cliff, tumbling into that black abyss! Oh, the regret!

And yet, there is hope, for in a minute it becomes clear that the mount has used the great wings on its sides to take to the skies, soaring like an eagle with person sitting on its back! For indeed, the mount is not simply a mount, but a flying mount! So steady yourself to see the full video, and try not to be too disturbed by the sight of mounts treading where simple walking mounts dare not tread! Because it is the sky, and they cannot tread there.

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