Guild Wars 2 griffon changes ruffles players’ feathers

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While Guild Wars 2’s Lunar New Year patch  this past week had plenty for players to absorb and enjoy, it’s one change in particular that’s put some of the community into a grumpy mood.

One of the small fixes has resulted in a huge change to how the game’s griffon mounts perform: “Fixed a bug in which griffons could interrupt the delay that occurred after performing a diving wing flap by immediately pitching up.”

According to some players, the course correction turned the griffon into a more clunky and awkward flying mount — and they are not happy about it. The Guild Wars 2 subreddit post criticizing the change has received 1,314 upvotes and generated 263 comments.

“Being able to pull up right away made the griffon feel responsive to your commands, and now [it] just feels horrible,” said the original poster on Reddit. Another agreed: “I can never get my griffon flying properly now, instead it is always diving straight into stuff and hitting ground. It was so fluid before.”

“There really is no reason to have that delay,” chimed in another player. “It really seems like this bug fix was written up by the fun police.”

Source: Reddit
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