Chronicles of Elyria nears its funding goal and talks stretch goal plans


The Chronicles of Elyria Kickstarter is going pretty well; as of this writing, it’s just about 80% of the way to funding with 24 days left to go. That means that the developers are thinking about how to handle stretch goals. Is it better to expand the scope of the game at the possible costs of delays and other issues, or is it better to just add more backer rewards? The developers are going with a little bit of both, but mostly the latter, as explained in the latest Kickstarter update.

Some major systems for the game were trimmed out to ensure that the game could hit its minimum viable funding, such as wards and mounted combat. Those systems are going to be added back in, but the overall focus will be on adding more rewards to avoid feature creeping delaying the game. You can also find out more about the ongoing development in a community Q&A video just below, although you should be warned that it’s an hour long.

Source: Kickstarter
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