Camelot Unchained: CUBE updates and weapon concepts


Still on the edge of your seat waiting for the Camelot Unchained beta? Well sit back and get a comfy pillow for your butt because it’s not today, but it has been a good week for the team’s progress nevertheless. A new dev update from CSE boss Mark Jacobs says the team capped off the week with its first test of a multiplayer CUBE build, the building module embedded in the game.

“We’ve made lots of improvements and additions to both the C.U.B.E. and game builds, but one of the biggest was another reduction of the memory footprint. With this build, we took about 500MB out of the client,” Jacobs writes. “Now, this 500MB is also dependent on just how many blocks are used in C.U.B.E., but some of these savings apply to the main game as well, even when there are no blocks there. This will result in even more players with older cards being able to access the game, and another overall improvement in performance. We are also moving forward on other fronts quite nicely, and we’ll have more to talk about regarding some of them in June.”

If you prefer visual eyecandy in your updates, good news: The team has also featured some concept art for the realms’ swords and axes and an environmental shot to boot.

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