Crowfall shows off the sound design for the Druid

loud noises

Ah, the sounds of a druid! The metallic clang of her every step, the quacking noise she makes when she cries out for party support, the error buzz that echoes with each ability she uses. Do those sounds seem right to you? If not, you should be very happy that Crowfall’s sound engineers designed the sounds of the Druid to actually sound correct for Druids rather than just using any public-domain sounds available for stock use.

Of course, just knowing that druid spells are not accompanied by the Windows 95 startup chime is all well and good, but it’s another thing altogether to see that in action. That’s why the development dispatch also contains a video of several Druids prancing about as they are often wont to do. Complete with appropriate sound effects! You can check out both videos just below.


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