Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday launches on July 6th

Oh no, it's all we are.
Players of Star Trek Online are no strangers to going back in time, but Agents of Yesterday is something different. It’s not just traveling back in time, it’s being back in time, back in the era of Kirk’s crew and the travails of a younger, less assured Federation. The expansion is launching on July 6th for everyone, so you’ve got just about a month left until you can… travel back in time. Between points in the future. It’s a bit complex.

Players will be able to make a new Captain appropriate for the timeline of the original Star Trek, investigating problems and exploring frontiers that were certainly quite new at the time. The expansion also features classic Star Trek voice talent to make the game feel just a bit more authentic. Unfortunately, we’re all still traveling through time at a linear pace, so you’ll have to wait a bit longer before you can also go back in time to a slightly less far-flung future.

Source: Cryptic Studios press release
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