E3 2016: ARK: Survival Evolved will soon let you play and mate as a prehistoric creature


Have you ever been playing ARK: Survival Evolved and wondered what it would be like to live a day in the life of some of these prehistoric creatures that you’re killing? You know: Get up at 5:00 a.m., forage for food, run with the pack, take in a glorious sunrise, and get stabbed to death so that LordButtz can turn your pelt into a golf caddy.

This glorious dream will become reality (sort of) later this year with ARK: Primal Survival. This new total conversionĀ promises to let players jump into the role of many of the animals in the survival game, from ants to sharks to dinosaurs. It will be available for both the Xbox One and the PC.

“Survivors will experience full survival mechanics and lifecycles, including mating, growing, recruiting more creatures to your ‘pack,’ even constructing primitive dens,” the studio posted. “Gamers will experience asymmetric gameplay against or with other specifics, including humans, as well as AI creatures.”

Think we’re getting a very early start to next year’s April Fools Day jokes? The proof that this is real lies after the jump!

Source: Twitter
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