Skyforge kicks off a swimsuit design competition for players

But with more swimsuited deities.

The Dipping Double. The Under-track. The Gasper. The Happy Fling in Late Winter. The Federal Sauce. These names and more can be used to help inspire you to create a new swimsuit design in Skyforge’s swimsuit design contest. Players can hop in to make the swimsuits of their dreams, and if they produce the best possible swimsuits, those swimsuits get added to the game.

Fans of seeing deified player characters prancing about in swimwear have until July 3rd to enter the contest with a design for both a male and female version of a given swimsuit. The top three winners will also receive a special promotion mount, piles of Argent, and the winning swimsuit design in-game for free. If you can’t wait to show the world and hopefully dress the world in a swimsuit called the Fanciful Court Date, the Party On Top of Spaghetti, or the Reversed Pump Gauge, strut your creativity with this challenge.


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