Star Trek Online shows off the contents of the Kelvin lockbox

The Kelvin timeline is edging its way into Star Trek Online, but only in little ways here and there. There are incursions from the timeline that players will have to deal with with the release of Agents of Yesterday, for example. And then there are the ships, traits, and uniforms found within the Kelvin Lock Box, allowing you to take the tools of an alternative 23rd century to fight your battles in the present.

We’re leaving that bit of cross-universe time-travel right there before we try to piece the whole thing together and it makes no sense again.

Players who pop open the Kelvin lock box will have a chance of winning one of three faction-specific ships, with Federation captains earning the big-screen Constitution class, Klingon captains picking up the D4x Bird of Prey, and Romulans fielding the T’laru Warbird. All three factions can also use the Vengeance class Intelligence Dreadnought Cruiser, based on the intimidating ship from the climax of Star Trek: Into Darkness. And that’s not getting into ground weaponry, uniforms, or traits that can be used to further customize your appearance. It’s a whole lot of Kelvin timeline styling in the game, all locked within one box.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Anon for the tip!

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