MMO Week in Review: Lament for Turbine (July 10, 2016)

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The Chiefest and Greatest of Calamities befell Turbine and its MMORPGs this week: The layoff monster struck hard. Though Warner Bros. told us Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons would “continue to operate as they do now” as the studio transitions to a mobile one, the company has yet to clarify just what that will mean for both games as well as the Asheron’s Call franchise.

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World of Warcraft teases the Legion pre-patch - When will World of Warcraft players experience the Legion pre-patch? Despite the fact that the opening lines of the most recent development dispatch promise to share more about when to…
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TERA’s Aces Wild update is live today - [AL:TERA]You've heard a lot about TERA's next big update lately, haven't you? There's been all sorts of information about what's coming with the update, so much so that it's easy…
Pokemon Go is live in the United States - Have you previously tried to get into games using your phone's "augmented reality" features, but found yourself lacking an emotional connection to things that aren't small animals you can make…
R.I.P. PlanetSide - With barely a whisper in memory of its long-running MMOFPS, Daybreak closed down the PlanetSide servers this past weekend. The studio had previously stated that the sunset was due to…

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