Lord of the Rings Online’s first raid in almost three years goes live today alongside housing tweaks

Lord of the Rings Online’s 18.2 update goes live today; in fact, the servers should be up shortly after this article is published.

Notably, today’s patch introduces the game’s first raid in almost three years. Called Throne of the Dread Terror, it’s a 12-man raid for level 105 toons.

“The Enemy’s grip tightens on the defenders of Gondor as Gothmog seizes control of the armies of Mordor. Marching from the gates of Osgiliath, foes pour into the Pelennor Fields with a renewed vigour. In the wake of the Witch-king’s defeat, vile sorcery looms over the field as the most powerful allies of the Dread Terror are summoned forth. If Gothmog spoke true of the fate he shares with Golodir, can victory yet be found?”

The update also includes a level cap extension for legacy item tiers, more wardrobe slots for subbers, and a ton of new housing hooks for all of the houses in the game. Yep, you read that right — housing got some love!

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