Final Fantasy XIV launches patch 3.35 on July 19th

Ladies. Or men.
What were you planning on doing on July 19th? Final Fantasy XIV residents are strongly advised to take a trip into the Palace of the Dead, the new Deep Dungeon opening up with Patch 3.35. Sure, it might not sound like much of a vacation spot, since it’s a multi-floor randomized dungeon complete with voidsent and all sorts of horrible beasts, but don’t let that scare you off. There will no doubt be other minor additions and improvements as well, but the Palace of the Dead is the big centerpiece when the patch drops in a couple of weeks.

If that sounds like just the sort of trip you’d like to take and you live in Europe, perhaps you’d like to take part in the Dream Holiday competition now running for EU players. The event is a fairly simple one, with players asked to create a tourist poster to highlight their dream vacation spots in Eorzea. Perhaps your dream spot is down a hole of ruins surrounded by evil entities from outside of reality! Everyone likes different vacations.

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