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Now that you know the tips and tricks for running EverQuest II Heritage Quests in an efficient manner, it’s just a matter of choosing which ones to actually run! Do you want to complete them all in order, or do you just want to pick and choose depending on the reward? Maybe you just want to see if there is one for the zone you are currently in. Regardless of how you want to go about it, you still have to know where the HQs are before you can start them. And the best way to do that is with a snazzy guide! Oh sure, you could just wander Norrath and try to find them all, but with so many quests scattered about the landscape, you are sure to miss a few. Besides, this method doesn’t quite fit in with the whole “efficient” angle. So here’s a list to make acquiring — and working on — the Heritage Quests a smoother endeavor.

Like the previous leveling and dungeon guides, this one won’t be broken down and listed simply by level. Instead, certain quests that share steps will be grouped together in order to increase your efficiency. Trust me, unless you really love Nektropos Castle (and most folks don’t), you’ll want to know all of the HQs that need you to enter so you aren’t going back again and again and again. And again!

Additionally, this guide also won’t offer spoilers or spell out each individual step, both in deference to those who want to figure things out on their own and in the interest of brevity (such that we can have it). Because there is no small number of Heritage Quests, and each one has a slew of steps, we will only list enough information to help direct you where to go/what you need to begin the adventures. However, if you need any pointers or hints, you’ll find a complete breakdown, each HQ is linked to its EQ2i wikia page. And don’t forget to check out any prerequisites before you start!

EverQuest IIIn the beginning

HQs begin fairly early on, at level 19. But that’s quest level, not character level. The quest level does not mean that is the minimum player level needed to begin it; instead, most can be started a few levels before.

Heritage Quest Level Prereq Zone Starting NPC Reward
In Honor and Service 19 Kelethin Captain R.K. Irontoe

(136, 112, 98)

Dwarven Ringmail Runic
The Return of the Light 20  Commonlands Burned Out Lightstone (Lightbringer Wisp drop) (roams) (702, -60, -138) Greater Lightstone
 These Boots Were Made For… 25  Antonica  Hwal Rucksif (-559, -12, -316) Dwarven Work Boots
 Dragoon K’Naae of the Thexians  30  Nektulos Forest Dragoon K’naae

(-1373, 30, -1336)

Shiny Brass Halberd

Cove of Decay/Ruins of Varsoon

These could be called the Thundering Steppes HQ. Two need you to enter the Cove of Decay, and three need you to enter Ruins of Varsoon. For Hadden’s Earring you also have to head into Nektropos Castle, so it is included on both lists. Note: Some quests start by examining drops, so the when possible, the mob that drops the item is listed as the starting NPC.

Heritage Quest Level Prereq Zone Starting NPC Reward
An Axe from the Past


 30 Y


Thundering Steppes cracked stone hand ax (quest reward) Polished Granite Tomahawk
A Strange Black Rock  30  Antonica Scholar Al’Quylar (-1039, 14, -665) Glowing Black Stone
Hadden’s Earring 30 Thundering Steppes Kerath McMarrin (-467, -18, -447) Fishbone Earring
Stiletto’s Orders Intercepted  35  Thundering Steppes Stilleto’s Orders (Stiletto drop) (various spawn points) Manastone

EverQuest IINektropos Castle

This is the trip few want to do twice. However, unless you have someone in your party who has already completed The Everling Lockets quest to gain access to the basement, you will have to return a second time in order to kill enough dolls to advance the A Missing Mask quest, which is started in the basement and completed within the castle. You will need to plan carefully.

Heritage Quest Level Prereq Zone Starting NPC Reward
 Hadden’s Earring  30 Thundering Steppes Kerath McMarrin (-467, -18, -447) Fishbone Earring
 A Missing Mask  35  Y Nektropos Castle castle basement clicky (-15, -13, -32) Guise of the Deceiver
 War and Wardrobe  35 Butcherblock Mountains Ancient Koada’Dal Brooch (Aqua Goblin Oracle drop) (785, 51, 222) Robe of the Oracle
 Restoring Ghoulbane  36  Y Qeynos Capitol District Toranim Skyblade

NQ (535, -31, -174)


Antonican life

If you are good aligned, you might as well also pick up The Stein of Moggok: It Can Be Rebuilt when sneaking into Freeport to save yourself one trip (you will have to return a few times during the quest).

Heritage Quest Level Prereq Zone Starting NPC Reward
The Reaching Blade of the Assassin 40 Enchanted Lands Leelav Yekl  (220, 0, -53) Serrated Bone Dirk
The Teachings of Yoru 45  Y Antonica Yoru the Old (-1814, -38, -519) Flowing Black Silk Sash
*The Stein of Moggok: It Can Be Rebuilt 40 Freeport Rumdum

EF (-236, -55, 12)

Stein of Maggok

Deathfist Citadel

Although it doesn’t seem to inspire the dread that Nektropos Castle does, Deathfist Citadel is a pretty long endeavor that you may not want to have to repeat multiple times just to kill Emperor Fyst; there is no quick run to the boss since you can only spawn him by killing all of the mini bosses throughout the dungeon.

Heritage Quest Level Prereq Zone Starting NPC Reward
The Rescue of the Green Hoods  40  Y  Zek Sashra Thaltalis (342, -20, -464) Short Sword of the Ykesha
Training is a Shield  40  Zek Grozmag the Trainer (420, 10, -149) Shiny Brass Shield

EverQuest IILavastorming

Each of these have kill or gathering components in the zone, so it can definitely save time to complete all of those steps together.

Heritage Quest Level Prereq Zone Starter NPC Reward
The Lost Legend of Lavastorm 45 Y Lavastorm Fendaris K’Lorn (-126, -115, 628) Crown of King Tranix
Saving Soles 50  Y Lavastorm Charly Ashlash (roams)(-323, -130, 355) Golden Efreeti Boots
A Thread of Hope 55 Y The Deep Forge  gather shiny (-10, 1, 32) Flowing Black Cloak/Robes

Midlife levels, mid-level life

There is another quest and an extra step tied to The Bone Bladed Claymore that will reward you an electrified bone bladed claymore. You’ll need to finish Berik’s Revenge in Stormhold to obtain that reward.

Heritage Quest Level Prereq Zone Starter NPC Reward
Foomby’s Stolen Goods 40 Enchanted Lands Foomby Slopdigger (-685, 0, -638) Bag of Sewn Evil Eye
An Eye for Power  45 Everfrost Master T’Lys (38, -16, 107) Tobrin’s Mystical Eyepatch
 By Hook or by…  45 Rivervale Rukir Pineleaf (-806, -6, -276) Hierophant’s Crook
The Bone Bladed Claymore  45  Y Stormhold grab the glowing sword at the top of the spiral stairs (-150, 6, -96) Bone Bladed Claymore
The Wondrous Inventions of a Crazed Gnome  65  Y  Bonemire Gimdimble Fizzwoddle (“an ambushed gnome”)(110, 70, 580)  Bag of the Tinkerers
The Symbol in the Flesh 68 Loping Plains Glyph Tattooed Flesh (a glyphed ghoul drop) (-104, 49, 150)  Crested Mistmoore Shield

EverQuest IIChain events

These Heritage Quests are all chained together in a single timeline, so you will need to complete them in order. Note: While The Journey is Half the Fun is a level 50 quest, players can pick it up as early as level 15 in order to run races in the lower zones. However, you’ll need to be at least 30 to complete the route in Feerott.

Heritage Quest Level Prereq Zone Starter NPC Reward
The Journey is Half the Fun 50 Antonica Cru Naseto (147, -22, -13) Legendary Journeyman’s Boots
The Screaming Mace 50 Y Feerrott Ill-Fated Cleric Journal (Agony drop) (-1860, -22, 639) Screaming Mace
The Staff of the Observers 50 Y Steamfont Mountains old telescopic lens (kobold drop) Staff of the Observers
An Ancient Desert Power 55 Y The Pillars of Flame an ancient desert parchment (drop) Scepter of Rahotep
Casualties of the War of the Fay 60  Y  Kelethin Master Bowyer Mossberge ( 460, 97, 360 ) Rain Caller

Kingdom of Sky is the limit

Although Blood of the Brood and A Mark of Awakening are signature quests and not HQs, it would be advantageous to complete them alongside the two HQs as you’ll be traveling to the same instances.

Heritage Quest Level Prereq Zone Starter NPC Reward
Draco Mortuus vos Liberatio 70  Y Tenebrous Tangle Sinephobis (-104, 265, 871) Bone-Clasped Girdle
A Thorn of Old 70 Barren Sky Fuzzmin the Lost (-581, 51, -424) The Wurmslayer

EverQuest IIThe end of levels

If you thought leveling up to the top would give you a break from Heritage quests, you’d be mistaken. There are plenty to occuppy your time in those last few levels.

Heritage Quest Level Prereq Zone Starter NPC Reward
The White Dragonscale Cloak 84 Miragul’s Phylactery: Scion of Ice Sailing with Three Sheets to the Wind(-213, 14, 109)  White Dragonscale Cloak
The Book of Thex 85 Befallen: Cavern of the Afflicted A Curious Tome (Fallen Scholar Edgars drop) (68, -0, -55)  Thex Mallet
Justice for JoJo 85 The Sundered Frontier a mysterious scrap of leather (1321, -42, 2469)  Mystical Claws of Jojo
Digging in the Dirt 88 The Stonebrunt Highlands Kalaish Al’Rabin (236, 412, 1182)  Grimblade
My Dear, Deloris… 90 Demitrik’s Bastion corpse of Taglfitz Von Gearbender (-379, -23, 318)  Shiny Robe of the Underfoot
The Essence of a Prophet 90 The Great Divide Osh (-1633, -535, -2428)  Lodizal Shell Shield
The Legend of Froststone 90  Y The Great Divide Grand Historian Elred Wintershade (1065, -457, 502)  Snowchipper
Tangled Roots of Growth 93 Eastern Wastes Bilvee Hummingwing (-1234, -537, 3197)  Blessed Scimitar of the Emerald Dawn
A Source of Malediction 94 The Stonebrunt Highlands Nabih Qusafi (475, 244, -57)  Paw of Opolla
Waters of Norrath 100 Siren’s Grotto: Alluring Embrace  Click water (74, 4, 24)  Cloak of Crystalline Waters

EverQuest IITimeline series

At this point, Heritage Quests started taking on the traits of signature quests. In the case of these series, there are some where multiple quests within the series count individually as Heritage Quests. In other cases, only the final quest in the series is an actual HQ.

Heritage Quest Level Prereq Zone Starter NPC Reward
Cloak of Flames Timeline  70 Echoes of Faydwer An Old Memoir (collection quest)  Cloak of Flames
Trail to the Past 80 Moors of Ykesha Gabblin Bittlegrip (1656, 453, 877)  Shiny Metallic Robe
The Name of Fear  80 Emperor Atrebe’s Laboratory: The Fabled City of Kor-sha harvest a statue (-115, -60, -134) Greenmist
Dark Mail Gauntlets Timeline  85 The Ruins of Guk: Halls of the Fallen a Mysterious Symbol (on hanging skeleton) (99, -37, -190) Dark Mail Gauntlets
The Bow of Underfoot Timeline 90 Y The Sundered Frontier Ritsy (832, -284, 3240) The Bow of Underfoot
Coldain Insignia Ring Timeline  90 The Great Divide examine an ice-encased corpse on the Ring War Battlefield Velium Coldain Insignia Ring
Beauty’s Only Skin Deep Timeline  90 Tower of Frozen Shadow: Shadowed Corridors book (-85, 75, -100) Embalmer’s Skinning Knife
Hero Bracers Timeline 103 Steamfont Mountains click/read book (-1093, 160, 1640) Hero Bracers
Zlandicar Timeline  104 Thurgadin, City of the Coldain Loremaster Dorondal  (474, -210, 275) Class specific heroic or epic item
High Keep: The Bloodless Incursion Timeline  103 High Keep: The Bloodless Incursion (Contested) click on zone items Choice of a bloody weapon


Believe it or not, there is one single crafting Heritage Quest in EQII. You must be crafting level 90 or higher in order to take this quest.

Heritage Quest Level Prereq Zone Starter NPC Reward
 What Dreams May Come [14]  90  Y Great Divide Tora (inside the Vision of the Past)  Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl
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