Black Desert’s controversial cash shop patch is live today


With Black Desert’s patch this morning, cash-shop items are officially popping up on the auction house — that includes pets, outfits, value packages, and horse gear, but not functional costumes.

Players are restricted to listing five cash-shop items per week per account. Reddit posters have reported that the items come with price caps, too — 20 million silver for costumes and 4 million for pets. That works out to a seller cost of around €150 per week, though no doubt prices will continue fluctuating.

Kakao EU writes that “game play data will be carefully monitored to find a suitable balance” when it comes to this new system, which was loudly contested by opponents of pay-to-win.

The patch also includes imperial cooking and alchemy, the tier 8 horse, guild war tweaks, and the removal of the auction house registration fee. An Olympics-themed event also kicks off.

Source: Patch notes. Thanks, Colin.
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