Atlas Reactor introduces players to Orion, the Empyrean

Hurt me more.
[AL:Atlas]Most of the characters in Atlas Reactor follow predictable mechanics to generate and use Energy in battle. The game’s newest character, Orion, does not follow those usual mechanics. Orion doesn’t naturally generate energy, but instead builds energy upon taking damage, which in turn empowers most of his abilities or can be spent on his ultimate ability. He’s a support character, but he’s more focused around an unusual style of support involving shared damage.

Orion can place a damage redirection on an ally that sends most of the damage taken by that ally to Orion while simultaneously shielding Orion from damage. He can also place a bomb on allies that will explode when the ally takes damage and use a healing ability, with his basic attack calling down damage in a wider area as he builds up his energy. His ultimate, meanwhile, will do damage in a wide area and heal Orion while also removing all of his energy. It’s a bit of a deviation from usual support characters, but it you prefer someone with a more elaborate set of mechanics, check Orion out when he goes live tomorrow.

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