RIFT defends swing back to buy-to-play model for Starfall Prophecy

Trion Worlds has been doing its darndest to get out in front of any consumer issues with its decision to revert back to a buy-to-play model with RIFT’s┬áthird expansion, Starfall Prophecy. In a new interview with Polygon, CEO Scott Hartsman explains why the free-to-play model ended up backfiring on a studio looking to recoup its costs through microtransactions.

“What we found is that our attempts to be very generous and more convenient were strongly not perceived that way,” Hartsman admitted. “So yes, we are very happy to say that because of a lot of the feedback that we got in the last expansion cycle, we are in fact returning to the most palatable way that people are interested in paying for expansions.”

Hartsman said that buy-to-play expansions put everyone on an “even playing field” instead of creating artificial barriers between segments of the playerbase. He also confirmed that RIFT would continue to roll out content patches every two to three months following the release of Starfall Prophecy.

Source: Polygon

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