Black Desert’s Valencia II, desert PvP system, and Warrior Awakening arrive today


Part II of Black Desert’s Valencia expansion releases today alongside the Warrior class Awakening, which allows level 55+ Warriors to unlock the Greatsword weapon. “The Greatsword will not replace the Warrior’s Sword and Shield,” Kakao cautions, “but instead introduce a more destructive aspect to their typically defensive fighting style, offering a seamless transition between the two.”

Valencia itself sees the introduction of a new PvP system in the desert that isn’t beholden to the karma rules of other zones: The penalties for being killed with negative karma are reduced, but you’ll be branded as a villain, and if it was another player who did you in, you’ll wake up in what Kakao is calling the “criminal camp.” You’ll have to escape that to get back to your usual activities.

Expect new outdoor dungeons and a new boss as well; Kakao is promising two new world bosses in September, and of course, more Awakenings are on the way.

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