Project Gorgon promises weekly updates, eyes late 2017 launch


Fans of Project Gorgon who are starved for news about the in-development indie title will be glad to hear that the team has promised to deliver weekly updates about the game’s progress going forward.

One of the big pieces of news from this week’s update is that Project Gorgon is its release schedule. Steam early access and Kickstarter rewards will be made accessible to players by the end of this year, with the beta period extending until late 2017 when Project Gorgon should launch. There is no date yet for Steam, as the team wants to make the best first impression possible.

Overall, it sounds like things are going reasonably well: “Game development is still happening at full speed. There’s been one or two large game updates every month, as well as small hotfixes after each update to fix the inevitable bugs. Project: Gorgon remains my full-time job (and the part-time job of several others). It’s my full-time passion, too, and I pretty much spend all my waking hours working on it. I’m proud of how the game is shaping up. There’s a long way to go, but it’s improving noticeably each month.”

Source: Kickstarter

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